Friday, November 1, 2013

What Tinkerbell & Batman Have in Common

Gracie dressed as both of them for Halloween this year.

This Halloween was kind of significant for our family. This was the first Halloween Daniel and I spent together. (Our 1st I was at a party, our 2nd he was in BMT) It was the first Halloween Daniel spent with Gracie, and thus it was our first Halloween as a family. :)

I can't let meaning like that go to waste so I wanted to make the most out of it. Daniel immediately came out of the gate wanting us all to be Batman. I wasn't really having that, so I said "why don't just you and Gracie go. That would be so sweet." He was for that. So we set out to find a costume for Gracie. Sad to say they had NONE in her size and they were all kind of...lame. So I made her costume instead.

This is what the top looked like before I added the detail puffed paint. The silky part was where her belt went so it wouldn't irritate her belly when her shirt pulled up. 
BUT it wasn't ready for the church trunk or treat. So, thankfully, we got to use her Tinkerbell costume her Grandpa Jim had just bought her.

I got her Batman costume ready one day before Halloween because Daniel wanted to enter into the costume contest on base. And surprise! THEY WON!

I love her little heart socks poking out.
It was a good test run for the things I would need to fix before Halloween the next day.

Yes, I made Batarangs for her to hold. haha!

I bought her an actual utility belt, but Daniel wore it on actual Halloween. I wasn't stoked about the
belt I made her, the fabric just whooped my butt. But Daniel liked it better so he won that argument lol. 

We stopped by Kohls to say "hi" to one of our friends who was working.
We got SO MANY compliments on her costume and it made me feel so good! I am glad the work I put into it was worth it :) She sure looked cute. But it kept bugging me that people kept calling her BatGirl. I was like...she is a girl who is Batman. Not BatGirl.

They both turned out cute, I think and we had a good Halloween, complete with mummy pizza

and a scary movie once Grace was in bed.

Hope you all had a great Halloween too!


  1. This is the cutest thing. I've never seen a cuter Daddy/daughter costume. Gahhh. And you did such a good job!!

  2. She looked adorable!!! No wonder they won the costume contest! They both looked awesome :)

  3. Oh my gosh - precious!!!! What a fun memory for Gracie to look back on and such a fun daddy!!

  4. That is such a cute costume! Great job!

  5. Cute mummy pizza! Now I want that! haha. And you did a great job on her costume. Love it :)

  6. You made that? Are you kidding? It looks freaking amazing! And her as tinkerbell? I don't think I've ever seen a better one.


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