Monday, December 2, 2013

A Month of Gratitude

November is the month where everyone posts on Facebook the things they are grateful for. Some people think it's trite or hypocritical. But gosh dang it, I love seeing my Facebook feed filled with gratitude instead of "everything is wrong in my life" posts. So I hopped right on to the month of gratitude bandwagon.

This is something I usually do every year. But this year I wanted to try to say what I was grateful for, specifically on that day, instead of having the whole thing be about family I was grateful for. Which is still a good thing to do,  I just wanted to see what I was grateful for that maybe I don't appreciate as much as I should.

I thought I would compile them all here considering 98% of you aren't on my Facebook but I still wanted to share what I was grateful for :) Plus I stopped posting at about Day 15...

Month of Gratitude

Day 1: I am grateful for the modern cleaning products that help me clean my mess of a house after a crazy week preparing for Halloween.

Day 2: I am grateful for local parks and for the invention of swings. I don't think another being loves the swings as much as Grace does.

Day 3: I am grateful for my mom who is always willing to listen to me and help me through any problem. Who has gone to hell and back with me and it's only strengthened our relationship. We've gotten a lot closer in the last year and I am most grateful for that. I love her a lot and I miss her right now more than Facebook will allow me to emote.

Day 4:  I am grateful for the gospel and the the Holy Ghost. Always working together to guide my life where it needs to be. I am grateful Heavenly Father gives me the strength and love I need to make the decisions necessary to live with Him again someday with Daniel by my side.

Day 5: I am grateful for the amazing salad I ate after work tonight. It was amazing and I look forward to eating it again in my dreams tonight.

Day 6: I am grateful for Daniels unwavering determination and drive to do well in the military. It's extra hard for him sometimes because sometimes I'd like him to be less involved (more time at home, I am very selfish with my time with him). But he carries on and does his best and today he was awarded with the West Point Award for Excellence in leadership. It's an award from the West Point Society and the DLI for leadership in the branches here. There's an award for one service member for each branch and Daniel got it for the Air Force. I am so stinkin' proud of him and I'm glad to see our family sacrifice paying off. All because of the determination of my husband. Incredibly proud and incredibly grateful.

Day 7: I am grateful for modern medicine that is helping Gracie through a nasty cold. 

Day 8: I am grateful for Keri Gorski who makes my life at work a bagillion times better and easier.  

Day 9: I am grateful for the hard choices, long days & fortitude that it took to get us out here a year ago today. I am not a huge fan of Monterey but I wouldn't change what I've learned or how much I've grown in the last year for anything. 

Day 10: I am grateful that my mom taught me how to clean and how to clean well. You can eat off any surface in my house after I clean it. 

Day 11: I am grateful for my grandma LeeAnn. The sweetest woman I know who has a direct line to God, I am sure of it. She has a such a relationship with Heaven and it's a tender thing to watch and experience. She is literally the best person I know in this world. She never has a bad thing to say about anyone and I love her so freaking much my heart feels like it's gonna explode.

Day 12: I am grateful for my blog. It has allowed me to vent in ways I can't in day to day life. I don't have a lot of friends here, outside of those I go to church with (and you don't really want to talk to church friends about life woes.) so it's nice to be able to log on, say what I am thinking, and get emails from you guys. It's also enabled me to make a few really good friends that I am very grateful for!

Day 13:  I am grateful for Tumblr. Because without it I would have NEVER met my due date buddy Claire. We've been in it together since, well...conception. HA! She's the sweetest girl, and her son Reilly is my little guy. She's always there when I need to talk about mom stuff, and she gets it because she's literally going through the same thing I am. I know we will be friends for life. 

Day 14: I am grateful for Facebook messenger, without it I wouldn't be able to talk to Daniel throughout the day at work :D 

Day 15:  I am grateful I am able to be employed if I need to be. There are a lot of people who can't get jobs out there and I sure am glad I can.

Day 16: In addition to Day 15, I am glad I don't need to work. I took my job now so that we could pay for tickets home for Christmas & so we could spoil Grace without touching savings or our bank account. It's been nice having extra money around, but we don't need this job. I am grateful Daniel provides so well for us that me taking a job is a want not a need. 

Day 17: I am grateful that my mom taught me how to balance a check book and how to do bills in a way that is efficient and less stressful. It saves my butt every two weeks.

Day 18: I am grateful for Daniel's never ending patience. Because I have none so he has to make up for it and I am always so so so SO SO grateful for it :) 

Day 19: I am grateful that Daniel is such a good dad. Grace loves him so much and I love their relationship. It's HYSTERICAL to watch. 

Day 20: I am grateful for the fan things above ovens that vent out smoke. Our smoke alarms are REALLY touchy so that vent thing really helps. 

Day 21: I am grateful Gracie is starting to branch out in the food she will eat. We've added two new foods this month alone, and for Gracie, that's a big deal. 

Day 22: I am grateful for neighbors who are good friends who watch Gracie at a moments notice so we can go to the movies. 

Day 23: I am grateful for good friends who eat fattening foods with you, even though you're both on a diet. 

Day 24: I am grateful for The Pioneer Woman, without whom this turkey brine would not have been possible. 

Day 25: I am grateful that I took a few cooking classes from Jana because boy are they helping me out this week. 

Day 26: I am grateful that Daniel gives such good foot/leg massages.

Day 27: I am grateful that my pies turned out okay for Thanksgiving. 

Day 28: I AM GRATEFUL THAT THIS STINKING DAY IS OVER. No more cooking for me, ever. Next year we are going to Chuck-A-Rama. 

Day 29: I am grateful for left overs so that I don't have to cook today.

Day 30: At the end of this month of gratitude, all jokes aside...I am truly grateful for the life I have been given. Daniel and I love each other and we both know we are together for eternity no matter what. I am SO grateful for that knowledge. I am grateful that I picked an amazing man to marry and have kids with. God knew him before I did and knew I needed him in my life. He was so right. I love him more than anyone on this Earth and I say "thanks" to God every day because I don't know where my life would be without him in it, but I know it be lacking. He makes me and my life so much better. And he gave me my Gracie. My sweet, sweet girl who fills my day with stress, crying, laughing, hugs and kisses. She is seriously the most awesome person. Daniel and I agree. She's a constant source of joy and snuggley kisses. I love watching her grow and I love her more and more each day. 

I live a very blessed life and I am grateful for them 365 days, not just 30. 

I hope you all had a great and grateful Thanksgiving :)

Now on to Christmas!!! ;)


  1. Love it! By the way, seeing all of your pictures from your Thanksgiving meal made me feel proud. :)

  2. I'll be home for Christmas too, we should meet up if you have from free time!


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