Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Leaf .1

Ah, the band-wagon "here are my new years resolutions" post. I tried to avoid making one at all, but I wanted to share or at least put it on record, what my goals are this year. I think because I am doing this post well after new years and it's in two means I am still on the band-wagon, but maybe walking behind it reading a sensible book or something...I don't know. Go with it.

Last year, I tried to (and failed) to keep up with the Strive for Five goals that Lauren started. To be fair though, I failed at blogging for the better part of 2013. However, just because I didn't keep up with them here on the blog, doesn't mean they were far from my mind in the outer-blogosphere.

I thought I would take this blog post to update on how last years goals went, then in another post, tell ya'll what this years goals are. Sounds good right?

Last years goals: 

  • Get Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight. 
  • Become an Active Service Member for the Church
  • Be More Patient
  • Become A Better Cook
  • Create A Nest Egg/Safety Net

To be honest with you guys, I accomplished one of those goals, and semi accomplished 2 of them and didn't come close to accomplishing the other 2. Now that may seem bad, but considering I generally never keep New Years Resolutions, I am taking this as a victory.  

Get Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight. 
This didn't happen. 

In fact I am the EXACT same weight I was the day I stopped nursing Gracie. STILL. Despite the fact that I was at one point on an 1100 calorie diet, exercising all the time and eating healthy. I couldn't lose the weight, which is super abnormal for me. Usually if I put in the work, I lose the weight, so I went to a doctor. And that's when all the Factor VII stuff started happening. 

I also found out that pregnancy pretty much stopped my metabolism. I got a prescription to jump start it, but it's a scary one to take so I am seriously weighing the options because I definitely can't take it while trying to get pregnant and DEFINITELY can NOT (and would NOT) take it while I was pregnant. And I have to wait about a month and a half after I stop taking it for the medication to completely leave my body before it's safe to start TTC. So there are a lot of options to consider. 

Become an Active Service Member for the Church.
This is one of the half-accomplished ones.
I was way more involved in church than I had been. I helped where I could whenever I was asked and sometimes I did acts on my own. I am disappointed in myself because I know there was a lot more I could do that I didn't for whatever reason. 

This didn't happen.
2013 was..unbelievably hard on me. I had two cancer scares where lumps where found, I was diagnosed with a disease only 14,000 people have that took almost an entire year to get diagnosed properly. On top of all the health crap, this was the first real year of me adjusting to being a military wife AND with a toddler to boot. Then I had the genius idea of getting a job for extra money even though it would mean I would rarely see my husband. patience from about...July on, evaporated before my very eyes. I had enough patience for Gracie, but poor poor Daniel. My patience was worn thin, if not completely gone by the time he got home. I am not saying he didn't deserve some impatience from me sometimes, but I am saying he didn't deserve all of it. I truly do consider my lack of patience my greatest fault. 

Sometimes I suck. 
Become a Better Cook.
I DID THIS ONE! WOOOHOOO. Until I started working in early fall, I cooked every single night. And I tried to do something different as often as the budget would allow. Pinterest became my friend. I would watch food network online and get ideas until soon enough, I just started rolling with it. Now I can butcher an entire chicken by myself, AND I did a HUGE meal for Thanksgiving all on my own AND IT WAS GOOD. I know I have so much to learn but I can see where I was and where I am now and see a HUGE difference and I am pretty stinkin' proud of that. I still can't make the perfect pizza dough though...perhaps 2014 is the year for that? 

Create a Nest Egg/Safety Net.
This is the other one of the half-accomplished ones.
I am gonna go easy on myself with this one. We had a lot of money saved after taxes. Then I had to have a bunch of medical crap done and it ate it all up. We got a tiny bit saved before the year ended, but it's a pittance of what we had in there in May/June. Hopefully this next year isn't full of medical mishaps and we are able to keep all the money we can in savings. Because we are moving this year, and we are gonna need savings to help us move, I am sure. I will say though, that had we not paid for tickets home for Christmas, and Christmas presents for our immediate family, we would have a ton of money saved. So I am pretty okay with calling this a half-win. 

All in all, I feel pretty okay with how last years resolutions went but I am excited about this years. 

Stay tuned...

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