Friday, January 3, 2014

Breaking Bottle

Man oh man. We suck sometimes.

Gracie turned 18 months old on Thanksgiving, and about a week prior--she was still on the bottle.



Shoulda cut that off at 1... But she kept getting sick and I just didn't want to take away her comfort while she was hacking up a lung.

But she has WAY too many teeth to still be on the bottle, plus she was starting to get dependent on it.

Daniel tried to do it halfway. Meaning she only got a bottle to go to bed, I told him "NO SIR" that is not good. We gotta do this cold turkey.

Let me tell you...bottle breaking SUCKS A LOT AND A TON. She was NOT a happy camper.

She only cried for 8 minutes this time 

I am proud to say I only caved once. She was going down for her nap and wanted her bottle. THREW A MASSIVE FIT and kept sticking her leg through the crib just enough to get it badly stuck. After about an hour and a half of screaming, crying, and leg-getting-stuck-ing. I caved.

But after that, we washed all the bottles and that was that. It was a good thing Daniel was home for Thanksgiving break because I would have totally caved on Thanksgiving, too.

Bottle breaking was his adventure to go on and he rocked it. Not only is Gracie bottle broke, but she no longer needs any liquid at all when she goes to sleep at night. I am honestly impressed!

He pretty much did this on his own. He put her down for naps and bedtime for the past week and didn't cave once.

My husband, the bottle breaking rockstar.

Now we will see how he does when we cut her off her beloved binky...


  1. I was about to ask if you took a pacifier. Breaking E of the bottle was pretty easy but the "cap" not so much. It's the reason we didn't give one to C. Now to get rid of her bottles...


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