Thursday, January 9, 2014

Conquering the Storage Room. One Diaper Box at a Time.

Before Grace was born, Daniel's aunt gave us a 60 gallon tote (I think? It was HUUUUGE.) FULL OF CLOTHES. I would say about...45% of them still had tags on them and they were all brand name. Did I mention how freaking lucky we are? How blessed we are? HOW THANKFUL WE ARE? Because I am. I cried. A lot. Fact. 

That saved us SO MUCH money, grief, stress and my sanity, to be honest. 

So all of those clothes plus what others gave me, plus what others bought us, plus what we bought...Gracie had a TON of clothes & shoes. 

A ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes. 

There was only one gap I had to fill but with help of our local freecycle & eager grandparents (plus an awesome deal at Old Navy), I got that taken care of pretty quickly.

I don't think I realized just how much clothing she had until last night. 

We are moving at the beginning of spring and we have a room full of crap from when we moved here a year and half ago. Stuff still in boxes from our last move that we need to go through still. So, we have designated next weekend to that task (We are going to the temple this weekend). But I wanted to get started on something that was taking up about 1/4 of the storage room: her clothes.

As the months went by, I put Gracie's clothes that she no longer fit in into diaper boxes, taped them up, labeled them and threw them in the corner of the storage room. 

Last night we took them all out.

Keep in mind that those boxes are only filled with newborn to 9-12 month clothing

That is 15 diaper boxes (of various sizes) and two storage boxes! 

My goal was to finally get these into storage containers to make the move easier and just make storage better & easier for the clothes. It also would keep the clothes in better condition while in storage. 

I was ill-prepared for this. I really didn't think she had as much as she did. Naiveté, bites you in the butt every time. 

It took me THREE hours just to go through all of it. 

In my probable exhaustion, I labeled a few of the boxes wrong, so that added to my frustration. Some of the boxes had random crap in them that I had to figure out what to do with. One box labeled 12 months literally had no 12 months clothing and was full of receiving blankets and newborn bibs. So frustrating and it sucked because I had no one to blame but myself. HA! 

I had 3, 10-gallon storage totes ready to go. Yeah...that fit her newborn clothes, one tote of 0-3 months (she will still need another tote to fit the rest of the 0-3) and then her 3-6 month clothing. I still have to go get at least two totes for 6 - 9-12 and one big one for 12+. 

I made sure to label what was in the boxes, just incase if I am ever looking for something specific it will be easier to find. 

We decided to keep some of the stuff in two of the diaper boxes. They are still really sturdy boxes and once I get more packing tape, we will be good to go. Why waste a good box? 

 We are filled one box full of "holiday wear". I figured that would make my life a lot easier later on. The other box is full of things specific to Gracie that we wouldn't pass down to another baby. The outfit she came home in (that I plan to frame at a later date with some of her hospital stuff), hats & scarfs my Uncle Pino made her, precious memento's from Grandparents, hand molds, etc. 

Speaking of hand molds; in one of the boxes I found the hand & feet molds I had meant to make into Christmas decorations for our very first Christmas tree together. Whoops. Never too late right? I still need to sand the edges, but I figure that can wait till next Christmas; into the Christmas box it goes until then. 

Today I have to go get the rest of the storage bins and more packing tape. I will make sure to post a picture of everything once I am done and post it later. I should have taken a picture of the storage room before we took all the boxes out...ah well. 

Hopefully this will make moving a lot easier...more on that later.


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  1. You sound like me! Before we sold almost all of E's old clothes in yard sales, we had probably 20 or so boxes. Not including the girl clothes for C. I think I have a problem... :-)


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