Friday, January 31, 2014

Four Stitches

This is a thing that happened.

If you can't tell from that big lip, Gracie got stitches a few weeks ago. She was playing on the playground and as she was climbing the stairs her foot slipped and what I am assuming happened was that her bottom lip cut the inside of her lip, and her top lip cut through the top of her lip. The inside ones weren't too bad and would heal on their own, but the the outside one...was super bad. She took a big chunk out of her lip and it was bleeding. EVERYWHERE. 


I, of course, freaked the heck out for a second and lost my darn mind. Until my friend got me on track by telling me I had to call her doctor. Then my mind switched back on and I went into mommy mode. 

At the time we were at the park which was almost a mile away. Did I mention I took her there in her wagon? Luckily, my friend went with us and she took the wagon home while I booked it back to take Grace to the ER. 

THREE people had to hold her down to get her stitches in. Girly is STRONG. The nurse holding her head really couldn't believe how strong she is. The doctor had some crazy skill, he timed the stitches perfectly between her freak outs and when her mouth was open and screaming. We were super impressed.

I couldn't watch it, I looked up once and almost vomited. They were fish-hooking my kid and I couldn't handle it. I kept my face in Daniels arm (who dashed over from work to make sure I didn't have to do it alone. I'm so lucky.) and just kept telling her it was gonna be okay, and how good of a girl she was.

It was hard for me because I mean...I made that body from scratch. She had not a scratch or bruise on her, and now she was missing a chunk of her beautiful pink lips, and was gonna be left with a scar. Plus, this was her first big boo-boo. Sadness.

I don't know who was more excited to have the stitches be done, her or me. (probably her.) 

She was SUCH a trooper though. As soon as she got her cries out, she got preoccupied with buttons and was pretty okay after that.

^^ This was right before her appointment to get the stitches out. Look at that scrunchie face!^^

^^ A few days after the stitches were removed. ^^

She has a tiny scar but it should fade over time. She's just gotten more and more silly!

In the picture alive, she was being super silly. She's gotten into this weird thing where when I ask her to smile or to "say cheese", she gives me a super funny face, stick her tongue out at me or does something hilarious, and she laughs super giggly and then runs away. 

She's a weirdo and she's awesome and even though she has a scar, she's still perfect to me. 

Always will be. 



  1. Still adorable as always-- just tell lil miss that the best scars are the ones on your face... they make you stronger ;) <3 Ruthie

  2. That scar will probably go away completely! When my sister was Gracie's age, a dog bit her in the cheek. It was just a nip, but a bite nevertheless. It completely disappeared. Their little faces have so much sweet baby fat, that they're so resilient.

    Also, I LOVE doctors who know how to deal with little people. They are the best!


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