Monday, January 27, 2014

Frozen Grace

When we went to Utah for Christmas I was SO excited to see how Grace would take to the snow and Utah certainly had a LOT of it.  This would be her first experience in it because last year she was too tiny to let play in it.

I flew out three days ahead of Daniel so I had to promise she wouldn't touch the snow until he got there.

I missed these mountains, so beautiful. 

Every year Daniel's side of the family does a reunion of sorts up at Sundance. We all go to a cabin in the woods and hang out for three days. It's really nice, really beautiful, and really relaxing.

It was seriously beautiful up there. 

We figured that was a great place to introduce her to snow. So bright and early the first day we were there, Daniel took Gracie sledding.

yeah...not a stitch of makeup on. Don't judge me--look at Gracie. ha! 

I was kind of nervous to see if Gracie would like it. She doesn't like being wet outside of a pool or bathtub. She doesn't like being cold. She doesn't like being dirty. There is a whole list of things Grace doesn't like that happens to you in the snow and it was our luck that when we went out to go sledding, it was snowing on top of the already huge heaps of snow on the mountains.

I was prepared for a meltdown.

I was so surprised that she giggled and laughed and even stuck her tongue out to try to catch one. She LOVED sledding and didn't mind her face getting cold or getting wet. She didn't really like sitting in it, after all, a girl has her limits; but even that she tolerated really well.

Lookin' up at the snow flakes

surveying her kindgom.

I mean, this kid was having a BLAST.

She looked like Randy from A Christmas Story. SO DARN FLUFFY. 

snow flakes on her eyelashes :) This is when we were going inside, so she wasn't the happiest.

She had a blast with her first time in the snow and I am so glad it was a happy memory for her and for us.



  1. Goodness she looks SO thrilled! Adorable!

  2. Oh she's adorable! I love that last one with the snowflakes in her lashes. :)

  3. These are just way too cute! Loved all the pictures!


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