Thursday, January 23, 2014

Laila's Charming Pieces

About a year ago (?) Tara and I "met" through a box exchange and we have stayed in contact ever since. She has an adorable little girl who is not much younger than Gracie so it's fun to see our girls getting bigger together.

In the box she sent me last year I got a pair of boot cuffs that she made. I saw them on her Etsy shop when we were getting to know one another and I LOVED them from the start and she was nice enough to send me a pair. EVERYONE that has seen me wear these, loves them. I can't blame them because I love them too. Super easy to put on and they look great with my boots. Definitely an outfit fav.

Tara was even nice enough to send Gracie a beautiful infinity scarf for Christmas:

I was SO excited because I keep an eye on what Tara is doing with her Etsy shop: Laila's Charming Pieces (named after her daughter, Laila.) and it's grown a lot since last year. I gotta tell ya, I would buy a lot of things from her store. They are all hand crocheted by her and they are all darn cute.

I mean, look at this scarf on Gracie. Is it not adorable?
Yes. Those are stitches on her mouth...a story for another day. 
We used it when we went sledding in Sundance!
I love it :) It's practical that I can put it on her when it is actually cold outside, it's cozy when we are having a lazy day and it's a good scarf for a bit of toddler fashion. (And because it's pink it goes with 90% of Gracie's clothes.) 

I am really proud to say I know Tara and I am really proud to know of her Etsy shop so you should totally go check her out and pick up an infinity fringe scarf while you're at it. I would. 

xo xo-- Tanika 


  1. Ohhh I love it!! Gracie is thee cutest. I'm so blessed to have meet you and am so glad we have stayed in touch. Hope Gracie feels better and heals fast! Keeping your family in our prayers!!

  2. Adorable! When I saw that picture of her on Insta I was wondering about that scarf! So cute, thanks for sharing this shop with us!


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