Friday, January 17, 2014

Pink Blush

I got really huge at the end of my pregnancy. So huge that I basically hung out in a sports bra and stayed in my room to shield my hugeness from the public. I didn't like to put clothes on because I didn't want to see how friggin' huge I got. For some reason, not putting clothes on helped with that.

We were pretty broke when I got pregnant with Grace. Every cent went to bills or to the baby. So I got a few maternity clothes, but not much. And by the end, I was sick of rotating the same things over and over again.

With us planning to get pregnant again and now that we are in a much better spot financially, I have been looking for maternity wear that won't cost us $50 a shirt like most maternity wear that I can add to my collection. I wanted more than just comfortable clothes (what my current collection is). I want fashionable clothes that I can feel cute in even when I feel like a beached whale my husband refuses to harpoon.


LOVE that floral dress. SO MUCH. Aren't these just so friggin' cute?!?

I swear.  I have "favorited" everything on their site. I seriously and truly almost bought three shirts the other day because I didn't want to chance them being gone when the time comes. That's how cute they are.

This is my favorite! So classy and I could wear it to the AF ball if I am preggers during it! 

They are also FAIRLY priced. Yes, they are still more expensive than regular clothes, but that's all maternity wear for ya.

I LOVE these kinds of blouses. Flowy and comfortable but still cute!

I am not being paid to do this post, or getting anything out of it. (Unless Pink Blush sees this and totally wants to hook me up. I wouldn't say no. Just sayin...ahem...)

I just found a really cool site that I plan to use during pregnancy, and I know some of you all are pregnant or planning to be and I thought this could help you too!

Let's all be adorably fashionable pregnant people, are you in?!

{HERE} is my referral link if you'd like to use it!



  1. This stuff is adorable! Love it! Thanks for sharing with the world.

  2. Cute! Also: ASOS has a bit of cute maternity wear :) They vary re: price, depending on the label :)

  3. This is awesome!
    I am stubborn, so I'm just re-wearing the few Old Navy pieces I purchased months ago. But those dresses and tunics are amazing. And you should really wear that red one to the AF ball. :D

  4. That floral dress is adorable! I love their clothes :) I am hoping I can get some whenever I get pregnant again!

  5. Can you update this post with your Pink Blush referral link? I can't find one anywhere!

  6. and p.s. could you tweet me @mommysplurge with it? because i'd really like to use one!


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