Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Heart Attack

Because I fail, this blog didn't get posted on Valentines Day. Actually, because my blog went down, that's why it didn't get posted. Either way, enjoy it at a later date ;). 

I have highlighted this blog before, because I absolutely love it: 71 Toes. I get many an idea from there and this is no exception.

Every Valentines Day, Shawni gets her family together, they cut out a bunch of hearts and each of them writes down things they love about each other. When they are all done, they hang them up in the kitchen and are surrounded by love for the month.

She calls it a "heart attack". I love this idea and even though Gracie isn't old enough to do it with us yet, I thought it would be a good thing for Daniel and I to do together.

It started out kind of cheesy, but by the end I was really happy we did it and it was good for me to see all the little things that Daniel loves that I don't even think about. I hope I made him feel the same way.


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