Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are You My Stalker?

I like to know super random information about people. But then I feel like a creeper because I generally remember that random information and will talk to you about it six months later and you will give me that "Are you my stalker?" look. Then I have to explain why I know said random thing about someone, and more so...why I remembered it.

To be honest, I am just nosy. I am the most nosy person ever. (I can keep a secret though, boy howdy. I have five whoppers on my hands right now as I type this.)  I just like to know things. Makes me feel cool and makes me feel closer to that person. Anyone can find out general information, but it's the random little things that help you to actually know someone.

So, I figured for a blog post, it would be fun to give you some random tidbits about me. Mainly because I have nothing else to write about and The Other Juliette gave me the idea for this blog and I thought it would be fun. Go with it.
  • I really don't like my face to be touched or hands anywhere near my face. That is an immediate get out of my bubble situation. Unless you are married to me or I created you, don't touch my face.
  • Barbra Streisand is my theatrical, musical, artsy idol. One day I shall write a post dedicated solely to her. Till then, just know I have her autograph tattoo'd on my foot and I watch Barbra Streisand movies when I am sad or I've had a bad day to make me feel better. You should also know it's my goal to get my father-in-law to watch Funny Girl.

  • I loathe the word moist. Even typing it *shudders* Blech. I have seriously asked Daniel to stop saying it because I can't handle it. No, please.
  • I have an immense fear of the dark. Not the dark so much, but what could be lurking in the dark. I have watched WAY too many crime shows and I am convinced there is ALWAYS someone in our house doing something sinister. Almost every night I make Daniel go check the house for perps. Some may call this crippling paranoia.
  •  I am a pantheon of useless knowledge no one will ever need except on a pop culture category on Jeopardy. I can tell you the name of every Broadway show that ever was, who won what Oscar, who scored what film and I can tell you anything you want to know about Hollywood; New & Old. Did I mention my daughter is named after Elizabeth Taylor?

  • I don't really like chocolate. Sometimes I will get a craving for it but that can generally be satisfied with a mini-sized something. I will always prefer vanilla (or really, vanilla bean) to anything chocolate. And if I am eating chocolate, it's most likely dark and I can't eat it for too long or I get nauseous.
Mmm...vanilla bean. SO GOOD. 
  • I am really allergic to bees. So allergic that I have to carry an epi-pen with me at all times and in all places. Even in the dead of winter in Utah and it has to be listed on my medical bracelet. What's interesting, is my uncle is also allergic (deathly so) but we have no blood relation. Crazy, right?
  • And probably the weirdest thing about me, is at night, I will think of a word. Then I will count how many pen strokes it would take to write that word. Then I times that number by how many letters are in that word. Then I will count the pen strokes it would take to write out that number, then times it again. On the third go, I will start dividing down. I will keep doing this; multiplying and dividing until I get a single digit even number. Until that happens, I can't go to sleep. 

And now you know.


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