Friday, February 28, 2014

Growing Gracie

Gracie is 21 months old today. WHAT IN THE HECK?! She is three months from being TWO, people. TWO. That is two little chubby fingers. I can't believe I am going to be a mom to a two year old. My life is crazy.

 They tell you life swings by when you have kids, but man alive--they don't stress that enough. It's so darn true! We were looking at baby pictures the other day and I took a glance at Gracie carrying her tiny little people princesses around and talking into her phone and I nearly lost my mind. She's so big! It really is so sad.

Gracie is as independent as ever; very rarely will she ever let me help her with things. She will hardly ever cuddle, which is sad for Dad because the only time she does cuddle is when she wakes up in the morning and he isn't here for that. So no cuddles for Dad.

She has her own crazy Gracie vocabulary that we are calling Grace-a-nese. She pretty much refuses to talk in actual sentences that normal people can understand. She's just too comfortable in her own world of jibber jabber. However, she does have a pretty good vocabulary.

She can say: No, Up, Momma, Daddy, Juice, Yes, Uh...Sure!, Poop, Duck, Puppy, Cat Cat (kitty kat), Side (outside), Gracie, Okay, Wa-er (water), mine, show, Gracie's, Tink-bell (tinkerbell), sowwy (sorry), cheese, MMMM!, sit, nigh-nigh (night-night), bed, why, Gramma, teddy, ouch, what's that, what's this, buddy, Uack (quack),  I am sure there are more I am just not thinking of at the moment.

She is so whip smart and catches on to things quickly. She consistently knows all of her letters, her numbers up to 9, and a good portion of her colors. Meaning I can say "Gracie, where is the "E" or "Where is 2?" or "Which one is purple?" and she points right to them/ picks them up.
She can say in recognition of of letters, numbers & colors: A, B, C, E, G, I, M, N, O,P, S, Y, 1, 2, 5, lue (blue), elloow (yellow) and what I think is pink (eenk).

She LOVES that puzzle. We play with it a zillion times a day.

She knows her surroundings very well and picks things up so quickly. She can turn on the play station, turn it on to netflix and turn on a show. I don't know what that says about our morning routine, but either way--she is super stinkin' smart to have figured that out.

I am SO glad we got her that kitchen for Christmas because she now knows and recognizes all the kitchenware a good amount of proteins and a fair amount of produce. We tell her to "go check your chicken!" and she runs to her little oven where she keeps a fake roasted chicken and checks on it. It's a-freaking-dorable.

She loves to drink out of regular water bottles. I think this goes along with wanting to be a big girl. It's hilarious because she always gets soaking wet at the end of it all. But each time she takes a drink and swallows she goes "mmmm!" with a big smile on her face. It's so cute that I am willing to clean up the watery lagoon she has created.

She is SO darn brave which really stinks for me. She will climb on anything at any time, and her bravery is only increasing. I turn my back for two seconds and she's on the kitchen table, or on the dishwasher, or trying to climb up the bathroom sink. It's crazy. When we go to the park I am never more than a few inches away because lord knows that kid doesn't think twice about doing something dangerous. Luckily since her stitches she has remained fairly calm on the doing-things-that-give-mommy-a-heart-attack scale.

Gracie loves to color. She has her own little notebook that she gets out, grabs her crayons, goes into a corner and sits and colors for a bit. Then she will bring them over to us and will grab a crayon and say "this!". Which means she wants us to color with her, but what she really wants is for us to do the alphabet with her. So we draw a letter and she excitedly yells : "What's that!" or "It's ___". That's her favorite thing lately.

But a very close second is playing catch with her ball. To be honest, it's more like fetch, but she thinks it's hilarious when I throw the ball over her head. So, fetch or not--kid loves to play with the ball.

Lately she has been very close to her stuffies and her blanket. A creature of comfort she is. Every morning when I get her out of her crib, she grabs each stuffie and takes them out to the living room with her. Then at some point in the day, her blanket makes it out there too. She's taught herself how to wrap herself up in the blanket, so she's been doing a lot of that. A few days ago she was all about cuddling and being adorable. Even climbed up, sat right by me, and held my hand. I nearly died from the cute.

She still LOVES Tinkerbell, but now doesn't like the first movie at all and anytime I put it on she says "no. no. TinkBell, no." But she still LOVES the other three movies, it's weird. She has recently branched out (mainly because I can't handle Tinkerbell anymore.) She loves The Lorax, and not just the movie--the Lorax himself. She thinks he is hilarious and giggles every time he is on screen. She also likes Mulan, Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, and Phineas & Ferb. So when we watch our cartoons in the morning, it's usually one of those.

She loves this big Tinkerbell book my sister got her for Christmas.
She is still the most picky eater ever in the world. We keep a running list of the things she will eat so we can 1. Keep track and 2. give her variety with in that list as much as possible. As of right now, there are 22 things on that list, and on any given day she will eat 18 of them. So it's a struggle. But she will try a new thing about once a month. This month it was yogurt and man-alive does she love yogurt, but only the very vanilla kind if she is eating it with a spoon. So we were able to add two things to her list: very vanilla yogurt and the danimals drinkable yogurt. I say that's progress!

She is so loving when she wants to be. Always willing to give you kisses and she gives "little hugs" which is when she tucks her head into you and basically lets you hug her, and a "big hug" is when she wraps her arms around your shoulders and pats your back. Both are awesome.

She is SO darn determined. For example, at the park the other day there was a bit of a curb. At first she sat and scooted herself off it. Then she slowly stepped off. Then she walked off. She kept doing it until she did it to her own satisfaction and moved on. I am so proud of that. She tries to do her very best in everything.

She LOVES THE SWINGS. Nuff said.

Calling people is one of her most favorite things. She will pick up her toy phone (she has three) and start talking into it randomly. She will run to her phone if we say "ring ring! go pick up your phone! ring ring!"And she always wants to call gramma. If she sees me talking on my phone she says "Gramma?". So of course, we call Gramma.

Her daily naked convo's with "gramma".

Grace is a bit of a...diva. She throws pretty good fits and wants her way ALL the time, naturally.  If she doesn't want to eat something, it will generally end up on the floor. She can screech so high that you can't hear for a second. She thrashes pretty hard when she's mad and twists and turns so you can't hold her. So there she sits, throwing a massive fit no matter where you are. I've gotten to the point of just ignoring her throwing a fit in public and when she's done we leave. Because honestly, trying to negotiate with terrorist almost-two-year-olds is futile.

Throwing a fit in the hospital. I mean, what do you do?

She will go to time out when you tell her to though and generally she can be bribed out of a fit with her stuffies or goldfish crackers when in public. But when she's home--it's every man for himself.

All together, this girl...she is the light of my life. I love her so stinkin' much and I am so excited to see her grow and grow. I am so proud of this little human. She really is awesome and so loving and sweet. She's determined and she's brave. She may be feisty but she will give you a kiss or a hug when you need one. I just love her, a lot.



  1. They do grow up fast! I can't believe she's so big- I only saw her for 5 minutes at Christmas. And the bad part is that the days continue to get shorter!

  2. Gosh I can't believe how grown up she looks as of recently! Such an adorable little one.
    I was a terribly picky eater when I was little. My mom tried everything and I literally would just spit it out. I'm still fairly picky but I survived for almost 25 years not liking anything with a weird (or what I considered weird) texture!


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