Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentines Day

Daniel and I aren't Valentine's Day people. We really aren't. We aren't really even celebration people. Well, I guess that isn't true; I am kind of a celebration person, Daniel is definitely not.  I like to plan/throw parties and anything that has to do with traditions for Gracie I am all over like white on rice.

Valentines Day, however,  has never been something we celebrate. Even before Gracie was here, it was just like: "This is a really stupid holiday."  So we just aren't those kinds of people.

However, this year while we were at Target getting supplies for the car ride to Utah in a few weeks, we decided that all of the stuff we were getting could be Gracie's Valentines Day present from us. I mean, just because we aren't V-Day people, doesn't mean we want our kids to be that way. We want them to be excited about whatever their little hearts want to be excited about. Gracie is too young right now to really "get it" anyway so we honestly didn't think it would matter that it really looked more like an Easter gift than a Valentines one. We were right. She didn't care at all.

I had been wanting to get her some chalk for a long time now, and Target had some in the dollar aisle, huzzah! 

I also get her a book for every holiday, it's hard to find Valentine's Day books. Luckily, Target's dollar aisle saved me again! 

A blank notepad for doodles. 

I swear my child wears clothes more often than she doesn't. 

This kid loves to color. Lately, she will only color if someone is coloring with her or doing her alphabet with her. 

Pink Valentines Day pancakes, Daniel and I had fun making these things. I will tell you, my hearts were amazing. 

And of course, Valentines Day strawberries. 

She WAS wearing a SUPER cute outfit, but the little stink wouldn't let me take a picture of her. She has these pants that have little heart buttons on them, then she had on an Old Navy heart printed shirt and a little heart bow. SHE WAS SO VALENTINES DAY-E. Ah, well. Such is life of a toddler.

This is probably the last year I can go without making a bigger deal out of Valentines Day and I am glad it went buy pretty low key and no questions about where the candy was. I won't lie though, I am pretty darn excited for when she can give out Valentines to her class, make a Valentines box, make more special breakfasts and we can make Valentines crafts..and oh! 

Hmm...maybe I really am a celebration person after all. 


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