Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why We Work

I saw this going around a few weeks ago and I loved the idea. I struggled with airing it in public because I really do try to keep Daniel and my's relationship off the blog-o-sphere. However, I thought this was a really nice way to at least document some of the reasons why we work and what I love about him.

We work because he continues to have almost never ending patience when I have none. Especially when I have none...

We work because he doesn't mind when I don't have makeup on or my hair done.

We work because he gives the best hugs when I am sad.

Yeah I don't know what was going on with the way I was sitting....

We work because he can always make me laugh.

We work because he doesn't mind watching a Barbra Streisand or an Elizabeth Taylor movie when I am sad. He may make fun of me a little for liking them as much as I do, but he understands it and doesn't give me too much crap.

We work because I fit just so in the nook of his arm.

We work because we like to snuggle.

We work because we both make dinner.

We work because we both have learned to forgive quickly.

We work because he supports me in anything I want to do, and I do the same for him.

We work because he is a darn fine patriot and I am super proud of that and I try hard to support him in all his military endeavors.

We work because we BOTH realize marriage is a life long pact that can't be broken when you don't agree on something. It's work and we are both committed to our relationship and each other.

We work because we know no matter what we fight about, we are sealed together for ever and that knowledge ends a lot of stupidity.

We work because I remember the dates that mean a lot to us when he doesn't but he remembers specifics about those dates that I don't.

We work because we love to play games with each other, even if we are playing them totally wrong.

I love Gracie's "derp" face.

We work because even though we think different politically on a lot of things, we still love each other.

We work he gives me amazing confidence as a mother and I do the same for him I hope.

We work because we LEARN from our fights, especially the big ones.

We work because we miss each other when we are apart.

He looks so young! Look at that chunky Gracie. Awwwe.
We work because he saved me, in every single way a person can be saved and I am forever grateful to him for pulling me out of clouds of darkness that had become my life.

We work because he hates my music and I hate his, but we will both listen to each others out of love for the other person.

We work because we make darn cute babies.

We work because he is the absolute BEST dad and watching him with Gracie makes me want to cry.

Ahh life before the military. Gracie was so jaundiced! But so darn cute. 

We work because we are growing up together and sharing amazing memories and learning experiences with each other.

We work because we both don't mind being idiots every now and again.
After our sealing and my feet were KILLING me. 

We work because we really and truly are best friends.

We work because he is an amazing guy that I count my blessings every day (even when we fight) to be married to.

But MAINLY: we work because we make it work. We work through the stressors, the bad moods, all the bumps and we come out on the other side stronger and hopefully a little smarter. We don't give up on ourselves or each other. We love each other and for a million and more reasons: we work.

Gosh, I love this guy

...and he's probably gonna kill me for posting this.



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