Friday, March 21, 2014

Fresh Prince of...Georgia?

Lauren has started a new blog called The Best F Words which is cheeky and fabulous because it's about faith, family, friends, etc. 
(Haha! That's hilarious. Seriously. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.) 

She asked me to co-host this link-up series of Friday's Favorite F Word. 

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The Best F Words

Because it's the day after the beginning of spring, what better word for this week than 


This word is actually pretty stinkin' perfect for me right now. If you follow me on instagram or on twitter you know that the past week has been spent moving from our first "station" in Monterey, California. 

We did not like being there. We had issues with the housing, the location, cost of everything, (because Monterey is a tourist destination everything was very expensive.) most of the people, the roads/highways, being near water, (I have an immense fear of large bodies of water.) the doctors... It just wasn't a good fit. It's important when you're in the military to make the most of where you are at, and we tried. But it just wasn't our cup of tea. This is all to say: we were glad to leave.  

Though Gracie on the beach was pretty cute and fun...
Despite the struggles we had, we grew from them and I am really happy to say that Daniel and I are in a really good place right now, the best we have ever been to be honest.
 And no, that isn't because we are apart for 6 weeks ;) 

That's why this move to Georgia is going to be really great for us; we get a brand new fresh start in a new place with a new outlook.

I am so so looking forward to being able to make this new house our own. We can paint, add decorations, landscape, anything we want! That alone is SO exciting for me. After living in a house where I couldn't DO ANYTHING to it, I know I am gonna have a blast. I have been loving this blog for home renovations. 
(If anyone has a DIY/House Reno blog, I would love it!)

 Outside of what I can do with the house, I am excited for the new life we are going to have! A new church! A new community! I hope that I can be the best sister I can be, and really strengthen my testimony within my new ward. I so hope I can be that neighbor that randomly brings over treats or gifts. Maybe we will have a block bbq! How fun would that be!

Grace will also be starting school there. (WHAT!?!?!) She starts preschool soon, and then she will be in Kindergarten. I can't wait for the homework, the crafts, backpacks, the lunches! She's almost two and she's so whip smart!! As excited as I am for school time with her, I also want to keep her little. ;) 

Then of course, we are adding a new baby to the family hopefully within a year, now that's a fresh start if I ever heard of one!

This year has so many new fresh firsts for me and my family and I am dang excited for each and every one of them!!

So join Lauren & I, link up & let everyone know what's FRESH in your life! 

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  1. Yayyy so exciting! Are you putting her in private preschool? Nolan can't start on post here until he's 4 grr

  2. Ahhh, so many exciting new beginnings! I can't even believe Grace will be going to school. And I love the timing of your family planning; we're thinking of trying to start for our second when Brielle reaches 2. I'm glad you are so hopeful for all that is to come!


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