Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday I was very sick. Like...puking my life away sick. I was nauseous all day and all foods made me want to barf. BUT I still had to deal getting my car fixed that was still in the shop. The mechanic said that it in fact wasn't really over heating but the coolant sensor was busted and was telling our car that it was over heating. So I just paid almost a thousand dollars for...??? 
If there is one thing that ticks me off it is spending money where I don't need to.

The part we needed to fix the coolant sensor was $30 and easy to install so Daniel did it in our driveway with help from some friends. BAM! It was just that easy. LESSON LEARNED. 

So there I was trying not to puke on everyone and everything I had a crazy fever too, and I still had to take care of this car crap, go figure out exactly what part we need and how to install it, figure out our mortgage contract, deal with the appraisal fee, then I had to go grocery shopping a little for Gracie and get me some anti-puke medicine, and do all of these errands. It was really a crap crap CRAP day. This was a Tuesday. With the week I had last week plus a crap Monday and a CRAP Tuesday, I started to feel pretty darn sorry for myself. I was so angry at everything and everyone. 

That sentence literally came out of my mouth... 

I was in a bad spot. But then I had a thought: through all of the strife, bad luck, tears and frustration we had SO many people willing to help us. 

We were without a car for almost a week in total. But we had sweet friends who willingly and readily drove me back and forth from the mechanics. Our amazing friends/neighbors let us borrow their car on numerous occasions for errands and for Daniel's graduation. My friend babysat Gracie twice at the butt-crack of dawn so I could deal with the car without taking a half-awake Gracie to a dirty mechanics shop. 

So many people were there to help us through this crisis with our car and I am grateful for every single one of them. I am sorry I didn't realize just how lucky I was during all of this. 

While we had to shell out almost $1000 for the car in the last week, we had enough money saved to cover it so while it was a hit, it was still a hit we could take. That is a huge blessing and I feel bad for complaining about it. 

The house we desperately wanted may have fallen through, but then the price magically dropped on the house we originally wanted. That's some divine intervention! 

The house is costing us a lot of money up front, but we are buying our first house and that is incredibly exciting!! 

I may have had to go through a zillion banks to find one bank willing to take a chance. But that's all you need: just one bank. How lucky are we that this bank took a chance on us when we said there was an error on our credit? How lucky are we that they took it upon themselves to fix it?! Incredibly lucky. Even if things still fall through, it won't be from lack of effort on either side. 
*knock on wood that everything goes well!*

Grace has been sick, and cranky, and using her almost-two powers for evil--but she is still one of the best kids I know. Still says "tan-tu", gives me kisses and while I was sick, she cut me some slack and was a really good girl for me, especially through all the errands. I did bribe her with Pringles.

Today I was really really frustrated that Daniel couldn't come home from work to help me. (That is how sick I was people. We are talking exorcist vomiting here. I even went to the store in sweats. SWEATS. I don't ever do that. That's how sick I was.) I was angry at the military and flat out told Daniel we weren't resigning because I deserved a husband who would be there when I needed him to be. 

But then I felt instantly horrible about saying that and went and apologized. Even thought the military is a big pain and stress in my life, it is one of the very biggest blessings too. We have a guaranteed paycheck and I don't know many people outside of the military that can say that. It gives us practically free health-care, and though traveling all the time sucks--we wouldn't be able to do it without the military. We certainly wouldn't be about to buy our first home without it either. 

I guess my point is this: every week can be a bad week if you let it. Last week, I let it be a bad week. Sure, a lot of really crappy things happened but I let them affect me. I let them change my attitude. I complained of having no power in the situation but in reality I gave up my power to negativity. I am 100% that was Satan on my shoulder.

Looking back on it now I can see every good thing that came of last week and even if nothing profound came from any of it, there were still a lot of lessons learned that I am grateful for. I really hope I can learn to think of the good more often. 

Everything can be a blessing, you just have to change your perspective. 



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