Monday, March 10, 2014

The Actual Week From Hades

This week has ended in more than a few tears. Let me give you the low down on this crap-tastic week. This is also why there hasn't been a blog in a few weeks days. Yes, I am aware most of these are first world problems. 

SUNDAY- Gracie started to get sick, and I found out that I gained a pound after losing weight steadily for the past 6 weeks. (I know that sounds like not a big deal. But to my self esteem and was a BIG deal.)

MONDAY-  We realized we had to take the car in to be checked because it kept randomly over-heating. We were hopeful it was just the thermostat needing to be replaced and perhaps a radiator flush. The award Daniel was most qualified for (and rightfully deserved) in his graduating class went to someone else who was not as qualified but had one higher test score than him. So all that sacrifice of time and energy he put in was kind of worthless and will only have benefit later for BTZ.

TUESDAY- We FINALLY get pre-approved for a house loan, but the house we wanted has been in due-diligence since the beginning and we didn't know about it. So we lost our house, basically.

Daniel was told there was a good chance he would have to leave for Texas on the 8th instead of 2 weeks from now when we are both scheduled to leave. I am stuck here until then, nothing I can do about it. Good news is he didn't have to leave, but only because the Air Force had already bought his ticket, otherwise he would have been out of here. 

My Mac cord broke and we couldn't find a replacement that was safe or had good reviews, so we had to fork over $85 for a new MacBook cord.

WEDNESDAY EARLY MORNING- Grace wakes up at 2 am not being able to breathe, wheezing a horrible cough and a fever. We had to give her a breathing treatment and I stayed up with a very cranky toddler till she finally went to bed around 4:30-5 am.

WEDNESDAY MORNING- Take the car in to the mechanic. Our hopes for it being something small were blown out of the water. We had to replace the water pump, thermostat, upper & lower radiator hoses and the radiator cap. That grand total was very very close to $1000. The car was in the shop all day and wouldn't be ready till the next afternoon. Daniel's graduation from the DLI was at 7:45 that next morning. No way would the car be ready in time.

THURSDAY-  Luckily, I have awesome friends who let us use their car for the morning so we were able to get to Daniel's graduation just fine. We didn't get our car until about 4pm!!!!! The mechanics had our car from 8 am the previous day! Having called our home mechanic, I know it shouldn't have taken that long. The real kicker? The car started to slightly over-heat almost as soon as we pulled out of the driveway. The mechanic said he test drove it so we just assumed it was normal and it was all the new parts running through for the first time. You know what you get for assuming...

FRIDAY- We made an offer on another house. A house we originally wanted but was way too far out of our price range. However, the sellers came down by about 10 grand so we were able to snag it. BUT then the lady counter offers and wants us to tack extra money on to our loan. Beyond frustrates me. If you wanted extra money on the loan, you should have listed it on the selling price!! Luckily, what she wanted to tack on was still in our budget but it's still giving me a lot of anxiety. We were also told exactly how much money we needed to have for the house upfront and I nearly crapped myself. Another post for another day...

SATURDAY- Daniel made a joke that I found incredibly offensive (that honestly, the poor guy. He didn't know that it would hurt my feelings so bad and it really was all in the wording. I am sure if he had a time machine that's the first place he'd go back to and undo.) It really hurt my feelings and put me in a stink mood and so that ruined a good portion of our Saturday. On top of that, Gracie has been a mental terror the last few days. I don't know if she's feeding off the stress in the house or what, but holy crap it's bad. I think we are getting a sneak peek into terrible two's and let me tell you, it ain't pretty. (Disclaimer: we did go bowling and out for ice cream and that was actually a lot of fun and a redeeming factor for this crap-tastic week. )

SUNDAY- We had to clean all day because of our pre-inspection move out that takes place today. We completely slept in for church, by like...2 hours. 9 am church is the death of us to be honest. That made us both feel crappy, but then Gracie hacked up her lungs and we felt better about not taking her anywhere. Daniel had to go return the red-boxes that night and GUESS WHAT!?!? The car severely overheated. Like "turn off the engine. turn off the A/C. Engine Overheated" overheated.


Daniel was seething. I was to the anxiety point of seriously just dropping into a bucket of tears. Daniel is calling the mechanics today, which is good for them because if it was me...someone would die.

Tomorrow marks the one week left here in Monterey. It also marks one week left with Daniel till we are apart for 6 weeks. I really, really hope that our last week here & together is a whole heck of a lot better than than last week or I think we are going to lose our minds and flies will start coming out of our poor bank account.




  1. Aww man girl =( I'm sorry! Ill be praying that this week gets better for y'all and that you can just enjoy the last couple of days in CA!

  2. How crappy! Even those small things can build and build until it feels like you're carrying a huge burden. Hope Grace feels better and you guys get the car situation figured out. Keep an eye out for a letter soon! :)


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