Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weighing In: How I lost 20 lbs in 2 months.

Before I get into how I did it, we need a little backstory: 

A big corner of my self-confidence issues lies with my weight. I am sure that is true for most people. However, I have always been active and as long as I put the work in I have never had a problem losing weight-that changed after I had Gracie.

I gained 60+ pounds the last three months of my pregnancy because I was scared I wasn't gaining enough (I hadn't gained a pound at 7 months.) so I started eating more. HA! Well I fixed the whole weight gain problem and at my last doctor appointment I weighed 198 pounds.  Two pounds more and I would have been TWO HUNDRED POUNDS. At 5 foot 1.5 inches, I was a planet with my own gravitational pull.

 I feel like we need pictures for this presentation...
Before || I was about one month away from becoming pregnant in this picture and in size 2 jeans.
During || This picture was taken on Friday, I went into labor Saturday night, Grace was born on Monday morning.
One Year Later || This was taken two months before Gracie's first birthday. 

I had a mental breakdown several times about my weight and even though I was careful about food and exercise after I gained over 40, the extra 20 just added on by itself in water weight which ballooned me up to 198.

Behold: Kneenkles. (swelling from your knee to your foot) 
I literally couldn't walk somedays because it hurt so stinkin' bad. 

When Grace was born I lost 15 of it almost instantly because of the water weight. Then I lost 15 more as I kept nursing. But then my milk dried up and my weight stayed the same to the ounce until January of this year. After seeking a doctors help, we found out a few things: 1. My IUD was stopping me from losing weight. 2. Pregnancy pretty much killed my metabolism and as soon as I stopped nursing, what was there poofed away. 3. Not having your thyroid does crazy things to the rest of your body.

On January 18th 2014 I got my IUD out, fixed my meds, and started exercising and I started on a 1061 calorie diet. Which is crazy low, but I promise everything I did was doctor monitored and I had my share of ice cream & cake too. 

DISCLAIMER: This is REALLY hard for me to post on the interwebs. But I want this to be a REAL blog. I want this to be something that is CELEBRATED and not ashamed of. So with that: 

February 17th 2014 || Weighing in at 149.2 
"I AM IN THE 140's YA'LL! That hasn't happened since I was 7 months pregnant!"


eating:I seriously monitored what was going into my body. Boy, what an eye opener it was! I ate CRAP. So I cut out soda, bread & pasta and all junk food was removed from the house. That made it a LOT easier on me. If it wasn't there for me to eat, I was kind of forced to eat healthy. Then I replaced all the junk crap with healthy options. I also downloaded the Lose It! app. It made calorie counting a LOT easier for me and kept me very aware of what exactly I was eating and putting into my body. My portion sizes are completely different. I used to keep up with Daniel and how he ate (which is ridiculous and a lot and could feed three people.). Now I can't even eat a McDouble and a small fry without feeling full and bloated. I can't eat a lot of junk anymore without feeling completely horrible. I almost always prefer healthier options and smaller portions. 

exercise: I ran for 20 minutes and biked for 30 minutes then I did the 30 Day Shred. The first two weeks were...painful. I literally had to lower myself down to pee. My legs would not work and I couldn't run, I could hardly walk. Not good. But I pushed through and the pain went away after about two weeks. I was sore, for sure, but not debilitating. I felt GREAT. Exercising is really addicting actually and the days I felt the best were the days I exercised. I love it now. I don't do the shred much anymore but I still do 50 minutes of cardio a day and I am not starting to do weights. 

Once I got new workout shoes, and work out clothes I couldn't wait to go to the gym and I set new goals for myself. One of them was to cut my mile time down and I did!!! 

I eventually want to run an 8 minute mile and I feel pretty confident I can do that!

On March 18th 2014, I weighed in at 144 lbs which is 20 pounds lost, exactly.
(I couldn't take a real picture because we were literally in a car all day driving to Utah.) 

The worst picture EVER but this was taken on the 17th so it's the closest picture I have to the 18th. Fitting into the dress was a BIG deal. It's a size small DFV wrap dress and I nearly died when it fit.  

March 24th, 2014 || 143 pounds
No make-up and I don't care! 21 lbs down ya'll!!

I see such a difference in my before's and afters. I have gone down two pant sizes, none of my clothes fit, my stomach is a lot flatter, my butt is perkier,  my neck is thinner, my legs are more toned and thinner and my boobs are a lot smaller. I notice it a LOT in my face and my collar bones. 

As proud as I am, I know that I still have work to do. 

I have eight pounds until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight; which is my ultimate goal. I also really want to tone my arms which are a big corner of self-confidence for me, funnily enough.

But I am so proud of coming this far. I no longer need to count calories. I eat portioned and balanced meals and I am very conscious of what I am putting my body. I also don't go long without exercising, I just start to feel junky. After I run I feel so much better about myself, and I feel better in general. I've created a healthy relationship with food and with my body and I am so proud of that. 

It is important to say that I never once threw up on purpose, I never starved myself and if I wanted a Girl Scout cookie, I had one or two. I didn't deny myself things I wanted, I just exercised longer or ate smaller portions. Instead of having an entire box of Samoas, I had 2. (Self-control if I ever saw it...) 
I lost the weight in a healthy way with a doctor watching and monitoring me every step of the way.

Because honestly, if you lose weight in any way BUT healthy, you aren't going to keep it off and you will wreck your body in the process. 

I want to thank Daniel for constantly supporting me and eating healthy with me. I seriously and truly couldn't have done this without him and I know this brought us closer together. There were times where he was seriously talking me through the shred or talked me out of binge eating when I was on my period. (ha! Seriously though.) He's the best. Truly.

 I really want to keep ya'll updated (and this blog updated) on my progress, especially when I reach my goal weight. Hopefully this lifestyle change will help me have the healthiest pregnancy I can!

Here is to continued progress, losing the weight, keeping it off and REMAINING HEALTHY.




  1. I'm so proud of you and you just inspired me so much! When you go for runs or workout at all do you have someone watch Gracie? Does Daniel do it?

  2. I totally get the uneven weight gain rate! I gained half my pregnancy weight in the last three weeks. Oh water weight...

  3. I am a new follower..... And a brand new mom. This post is exactly what I needed to read. The nursing weight is not just "falling off" like everyone says. But my diet pretty much sucks. Thanks for sharing...I know it's not easy to do. And by the way, you are GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. You're so inspiring! And you look GREAT!!

  5. Dang that is amazing! Congratulations!


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