Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves

I love makeup! So very very much. It is definitely my guilty pleasure buy.

Ulta is one of my very favorite (and most dangerous) places to shop. A gift card to Sephora or Ulta is always welcomed.

It has taken me a few years but I have found out what does and does NOT work for me. It was a lot of trail and error (and a lot of money) but I have got a pretty good routine and have developed all time favorites that, if I have the money or a gift card for, I will buy in a heartbeat.

My friend Kristen asked if I would do a few beauty blogs and let you all know how I do my makeup, what I use and where I learned it. Well, I am not going to show you how I do my makeup, because that's weird to me. BUT what I can do is this: I can tell you my favorite beauty buys and what is consistently (if I have the money for it) in my make-up bag.

Read on for product detail! :)

Laura Geller || The Real Deal Concealer || $22.00
This is by FAR the best concealer I have ever used. I have dark circles under my eye and stress acne occasionally. It completely covers every blemish or imperfection, flawlessly. It's hyper-pigmented so you don't even need to use a lot. I am still using the one I bought a year ago and I use it every day. After application if feels light and not like I've pancaked on a bunch of makeup, which is a big plus for me, I don't like feeling my makeup on my face. If that makes ANY sense..I can't recommend this enough, BUT make sure you wash it off at night because it is a heavy concealer it can clog your pores.

Laura Mercier ||Secret Bright Brightening Powder || $24.00
Most people don't know this but when you use certain powders, it can make your concealer or foundation look yellow, matte and pancaked. But I have a slightly oily face so I can't go without powder a good portion of the time. So this is the best option. It provides light coverage and is WHITE so it doesn't tint your makeup to a weird color. It doesn't settle in cracks or creases so you never look pancaked. It is VERY light and you only need a little. It maximizes how long your makeup will stay on as well. Definitely worth the $24 you pay for it.

Naked Palettes || 1,2, &3 || $54.00
These things are darn expensive but they are the best eyeshadow palettes out there. A great range in a color scheme and the pigment is so beautiful that all the shadows look great on their own, but they also compliment each other really well. It lasts a long time and it's nice having the range of colors I use all in one place.

Dior || DiorShow Brow Styler || $29.00
HANDS DOWN the BEST brow styler out there. I don't usually like pencils because it's a really bold look and once it goes on, it's hard to get off. But this pencil is so delicate that it makes it easy to use, and the base is so soft that it's easy to remove if you mess up. It creates a very natural tone for your brows and the brush attached is really handy to make sure your brows look natural and not like a drag queens. I love it so much.

Covergirl || Lipslicks LipGloss in clear || $5.00
I am not a big lipstick person. My teeth aren't pearly white so I don't really like to draw attention to my mouth. Maybe after I get them whitened I will like lipstick--till then. I don't really like lipGLOSS either. I love Stila lipglosses for the colors, but I hate how sticky lip glosses are. I feel like I am walking bug tape. So this is perfect. It gives me a little shine and moisturizes my lips without being sticky or being too much. Plus it's really cheap and that is always a win in my book.

Dior || DiorShow Mascara || $25.00
It took me awhile to decide what my favorite mascara was. I love Covergirls Falsies mascara, but in the end Diorshow won the battle. It's just so perfect. It highlights all of my lashes, creates a fuller look without making me look like Ezma at the end of the day.

Chanel || Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation || $50
I wish this wasn't so expensive because it is the perfect foundation. It's water based so you can start off with a little amount and if you need more coverage you can build it up. But even with a lot on, it still FEELS light and looks flawless. It lasts about 3-4 months, so it's got a pretty long life and it's a great foundation for any coverage. It's my very favorite foundation.

Benefit || CORALista || $28.00
Jana actually turned me on to this blush. It is PERFECT for my skin tone, even though I generally prefer a pinker color, this peachy coral is just beautiful. It is subtle enough that it doesn't make me look like a clown, but it's powerful enough to give me some vamp. It also smells really good and lasts awhile. I am still using the one I bought a year ago and I use it every day.

Covergirl || Unstoppable Onyx Eyeliner || $7.50
I am kind of a picky person when it comes to eyeliner. I don't like gel eyeliner because it's just a pain and I can't blink for a few seconds while I wait for it to dry. I also always have to carry the brush for it if I want to use it. That's just too much effort when I am on the go. I don't like eyeliners with too soft of a core because then it's just mush all over your face and you get a lot of breakage. I don't like pencils for almost the same reason I don't like gel, I always have to carry something (in this case a sharpener) to be able to use it. My mother in law turned me on to these eyeliners and I gotta say, I freaking love them. They pack a big punch, are soft enough to use quickly and they are long-wear. The color is very strong so when you read onyx that is what you are getting. It's also cheap which is good because I go through a ton of eyeliner.

NYX || Eyeshadow Base  || $7.00
If you are using an expensive eyeshadow like MAC, Naked, Bobbi Brown, etc--and you aren't using an eyeshadow base--you are WASTING your money. The base helps the color attach and you are getting more on powder on your actual eye than falling off the brush on to your face. It keeps it on longer and it really really makes the color pop. It also makes blending a lot easier. This base is really cheap, goes on easy and you only need a smidge so it lasts forever. Again, I bought this a year ago, I use it every day, and I haven't even made a dent in the thing yet.

These are my beauty must haves, what are yours? Do we have any common? Any recommendations?



Post Note FYI:
I have shingles. Ugh. I know. Almost gone though. Ever have shingles? face feels like it's going to fall off. Lucky for me I haven't developed the blisters so I am not contagious. But, I have little to no feeling in portions of my face (bells palsy, a common side effect of shingles), and what I can feel constantly feels like someone is slamming me in the face with a wire brush repeatedly. Yesterday, it hurt to blink. Can't wait till this stinkin' thing is gone and out of my body! 


  1. Love this! We do have some things in common, naked 2, cover girl lipslicks. I enjoyed your blog. Btw, I'm Brooke, your newest follower :)

  2. Nice read!!! I am also a big lover of makeup and uses body glitter and many more products. I am very much choosy and always prefer best products which are different to other.


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