Monday, June 9, 2014

Feeling Like Ina Garten

When we got here I decided before we had furniture, before we had wifi, before we had anything--that I needed an Herb garden. I always wanted one but didn't want to do it in Monterey. Daniel was on board and that's all I needed.

I planted 10 herbs including mint and chives! 

I am so excited to have these things on hand and not have to spend a RIDICULOUS amount anywhere else for wilted & small herbs. I can just walk into my sunroom and pick as much as I need! 

This whole process made me feel like the Barefoot Contessa. Kind of in her "If you don't have home-grown 100% organic herbs--store bought will do." way. 

In a bit (once I find the Michaels or Hobby Lobby around here) I plan to feel like Martha Stewart too. Meaning I am making the labels for them (no I don't plan to keep the seed packets on there forever, I know-you were hoping I would.) I got gifted a cricut cutter from a family friend so I am going to make the labels myself and then wrap bakers twine around the jars and tie of each end of the label. Trust me, in my head it looks totally pinterest worthy. 

I went to water them the other day and I have 6 of them sprouting :)

I can't wait to see the rest of them sprout and I can't wait till I can actually start USING them.

Do you have an herb garden? Any tips for me? 


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  1. The chef in me is so freaking proud right now.


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