Monday, June 23, 2014

F.H.E. for Toddlers

I decided that Grace is old enough now to really start doing F.H.E with her.

{For those who don't know, F.H.E stands for Family Home Evening. Which is basically a set time you set aside to make sure you spend quality time with your family; typically doing something to bring you and your family closer to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to each other. It's also generally held on Monday nights, but can be on whatever day works best for your family.}

But it's kind of hard to think of easy things to do that her two year old mind can grasp. So I got to thinking of activities and learning devices that Gracie is already good at that I can imitate with Gospel Doctrine.

One of the first things that came to mind is that Grace is really good with flash cards. She may not talk well yet, but the girl can comprehend EVERYTHING. She learned all of her shapes from flashcards and most of the animals she knows she learned from flashcards too. I knew that flashcards would be a great tool to utilize with her.

Grace is already familiar with our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (my main brethren lol) and Jesus. But I decided it would be good idea to help her learn the Quorum of the 12 and finish off the First Presidency with Henry B. Eyring. {For those of you who have know idea what I am talking about--click the I Believe button at the top of my page :) } 

It's definitely a lofty goal and I don't expect her to know them all at once. We plan to pick a few and continually work on them with her until she has those few down. Then we will transfer those out and work on 4 more, and so on until she's mastered them all at her own pace. 

This was SUPER easy to do and took maybe 20 minutes to put together.

Just print of all the pictures of the Apostles. You can get all their pictures easily at just google image search them. 
I printed mine out on card stock so they would be sturdier.
Isn't L.Tom Perry the cutest little old guy you ever saw?!?

Then I typed out all their names & cut them out. 

Then I taped them to the back. Easy. 

I plan to eventually get these things laminated so that they will last a lot longer. Especially since Grace has taken a habit to destroying everything... 

It will be good work for me too because I won't lie, I tried to list them all by name as I was putting them together and I could only think of 11 of the 15. Obviously I need a little refreshing too!

We work with her on them specifically on Monday night (FHE night) and then I work with her on them for a little bit through out the day. I kept them on the fridge so they were a constant reminder to her. Sometimes she would walk about to the fridge and point to President Monson, smile and wait for me to quiz her on them. I am so happy she took to this idea so well!!

I decided to kind of make this a series type of thing. Whenever I have a new FHE idea, I will blog about it here in hopes that you will share your ideas with me, and that my ideas may be useful for you and your family!

I think these flashcards will be a good thing to just have around for gospel discussions, conference, and FHE as kids get older too!

After the first week, Gracie really knows the First Presidency. I think we might stay on them for awhile just to make sure she has them down. I am so proud of her and smarty pants self!

What do you think? Do you have any toddler FHE ideas? I'd love to hear them!!!!



FHE For Children: I Have A Body 

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! My toddler loves flash cards, too. I think I will make a flash cards set and a set of cards attached to magnets for our fridge.


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