Monday, June 30, 2014

Fresh Eating

One of the BIGGEST downfalls to my I am a serial snacker. I will eat anything I can get my hands on if I am hungry. One of the MAIN reasons I can't go shopping if I am hungry; I end up with a lot of candy and a pile of Totinos in my cart by the end of it.

To combat the craziness--I decided to make easy to grab healthy snack bags. 

I cut up one large cucumber, one green pepper, one yellow pepper, one orange pepper and one red pepper.

Then I just divided them into Hefty storage bags and put them on an easy access shelf in my fridge.

Whenever I am feeling peckish--I have something healthy and tasty to grab instead of junk food. These are great for just around the house or if I am in a hurry and heading out the door.

 It really keeps my weight on track and keeps me feeling good throughout the day.

 These are also my go-to after work out snack. I just add a piece of turkey or some nuts and call it good! 

What are your healthy snacks? 




  1. Such a great idea!!! My biggest problem is all the fruit and veggies I really like go bad if cut... haha. And that <- is me making excuses I am sure.

  2. My sister and her husband got my into this. They do dried almonds, cranberries, dried cherries, and any other nuts or healthy things to add, but will last in their bags for a while. For work I buy trader joes trail mixes that have no added sugar and salt and snack on those. It's much better than the Oreos and chips my work offers.


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