Friday, June 6, 2014

Going 'Hog' Wild!

Hello! I am here! Did you miss me?! Are you ready for a long catching up post?!?! Awesome. I knew you would be!

We are finally in Georgia and we FINALLY have internet. Let me tell you, as first time home buyers--they don't tell you how long everything takes to set up. Had I known--I would have called a week before we were supposed to arrive and get everything set up. AS of right now--we still don't have cable--even though we are paying for it because Comcast is stupid and forgot to send us the HDVR's. Sent us remotes and all the hook-ups-just not the actual boxes. A+ for you Comcast!

But I am going to be grateful because at least we have wi-fi!! I think in the last three weeks we have blown through about 4GB of data on our phone. We had to add 2GB twice to our plan! It's nuts. So we are pretty glad to have that now. PLUS that means I can blog! And watch SYTYCD....NEW SEASON STARTED. GO WATCH IT. NOW. ON HULU. GO.

Today the movers FINALLY come (back up in deliveries so we have been two weeks without anything. Luckily, we had friends here who loaned us things to get to today.) and we get all of our household goods. I can NOT tell you how excited I am to sleep on a BED tonight. It will be joyous. JOYOUS I tell you!!

Last night we finished all the "touch-up" paint in the house. The house is beautiful, don't get me wrong. Everything that needs to be fixed is all cosmetic. And holy cow...the walls. SO scuffed up and had crayon and pencil markings EVERYWHERE. It led us to ask the question (several times): WHAT WERE THEY DOING IN THIS HOUSE!??! There were scuff marks so high on the wall that I had to almost jump to reach them. We have come to two possibilities: 1) Roller-Derby House. 2) The Party House. One of those two surely explains it. Luckily the previous owners left all of the paint that goes with the house in the garage, so we just had to fill up a few cups and get a few paintbrushes and we were good to go. It look about 5 hours total. Yeah, that's not just a "touch-up"!!! I mean, it's not a small house, but it's not a BIG one either and shouldn't have taken that long. But some of the walls we basically just painted the whole thing. It was CRAZY and my hand is still cramping from holding the paintbrush that long.

Taking a page from Live Love DIY
Aren't those just...lovely...paint colors! haha! They are actually quite pretty in person, it's just they are too boring for me. There is a lot of beige and I like personality in a house. So over time we will start painting the rooms as we can afford them. First stop? Gracie's room. We are making her toddler bed next week, so her room will be the first one done. As it should be!
We are also wondering if maybe they kept lagoon-like creatures in their yard, because that's exactly what the yard looked like when we got here. TWELVE bags of grass & weeds later... I will also have you know that I REFUSED to pay a bajillion dollars for electric hedgers and did all of my bush hedging with the 99 cent scissors from Wal*Mart--and they look AWESOME. We also plan to re-landscape our yard. It has red rubber mulch and I hate it. So I think my Christmas present will end up being mulch, because that crap is expensive. We are reseeding the lawn this weekend because there are so many dry or not green grass spots in our lawn. We don't want to be the ugly step-kid on the block so getting our lawn in order is kind of our top priority.

1. MONSOON Georgia Rain. 2. There was a weird stick screen on our fence. For privacy? To keep the monsters in? You decide. 3. Our crazy lawn in the backyard the day we got there. Pictures don't do it justice. 4. My second favorite room in the house: the dining room. 5. Gracie walking around the neighborhood with her daddy while "talking" on her "phone". 
All in all though, even with the lagoon yard and the scuffed up walls, we love our home. We love that it's OURS. We love our quaint little neighborhood and we LOVE our new ward. I am telling you. We have only been to church once (because Sunday has only come around once since we've been here.) and I already feel like I have a lot of friends. It's so full of caring people. One member found out we didn't have tables or chairs and right after church brought us some!! How crazy!

We got Gracie a play set for her birthday. And by "we" I mean a lot of her family chipped in to give it to her (because there aren't parks near by). So we set it up this weekend...boy did we underestimate THAT thing. But, a man we hadn't even met yet from our ward, heard we needed help and helped late into the night and was back as soon as he got off work the next afternoon.

1. Right after we had finished the set.  These things are BEASTS. Daniel did most of the work and he was exhausted but Gracie wanted to play so he played. Best dad ever.  2. Gracie the other day enjoying playing peek-a-boo. 3. The happiest girl you ever saw.
These are blessed and inspired people. I am so grateful for the fellowship in my religion. We are always there to help anyone who needs it--regardless of if we know them or not. We couldn't have gotten by to be honest. We would have had to buy a lot of things because the friend that loaned us all of the stuff we had to get by--we met her our old ward in Monterey. I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason...I feel like God's hand is SO evident in this move.

Gracie illustrating how we all felt during this trip. EXHAUSTED. 
 It was a tough one for us, but he was with us every step of the way. We are so intensely grateful that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us and wants to do what he can to help. We really are so blessed.

It is not lost on us that we are 24, (almost) 23, respectively and we own a house. We have a now two year old. We have our own vehicles. We are in a place where some people are never fortunate to get to and we feel so incredibly grateful (and thankful we pay tithing! Huzzah!) and lucky that we are here.

We have been saving money for this move since February, actually probably since December. Even though the military reimburses you for the move--it still comes out of your pocket first. Well, we were smart about everything and had quite a chunk of change left over. We needed to get Daniel a second vehicle because his commute to work is about 15 minutes. So he can't exactly walk, there aren't any bus routes and he can't take the car every day. And well, he talked me into this:

Sure. I can't get him to smile in any pictures with me. But he will smile with a Harley. Oi.
We've kinda been getting a little slack for it. But here is what I say. I am one of the most financially responsible people I know. We would NOT have gotten this if we couldn't afford it without sacrificing anything. (Although Daniel had to agree to let me paint the walls in the house any color I chose in the future.)  And not that it's anyone else's business what we spend our money on--Daniel never gets to/ never choses to, buy anything for himself. Never gets to do anything fun. All of his time is spent helping me or playing with Gracie or working. He works a LOT and he works HARD. He deserves to get something flashy and fancy every now and again. Happy Father's Day/ Happy Birthday!! Plus these things get gosh darn amazing gas mileage and closer parking at work for Daniel. Honestly should have seen how excited he was and how excited he still is. It was adorable and made all the paperwork worth it.

*phew* did you make it to the end? I am just as exhausted as you are now!!


Just a girl and her juice box.


  1. Wow! You've sure been busy, but lots of exciting things have taken place. What an exciting time for your family!! And you're right, it's nobody's business what you spend your money on!

  2. Welcome here lady! So glad to hear things are going good for you guys. That motorcycle is awesome. My husband had one for awhile... and the weather here is perfect for it. Please let me know if y'all need anything. P.S. Did I ever ask what company y'all are attached to?!

  3. Wow you moved to GA, AND bought a house? That so exciting, and man I missed out on so much not reading blogs!


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