Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweet Tooth

I am a weirdo in the way that I really don't care for chocolate 95% of the time. I don't know it's just so...chocolatey. I have to be in the mood for it to like it. If I do eat chocolate, it's the cadbury mini-eggs or some kind of dark chocolate.

When I have a sweet tooth, which I have been having a BIG one lately, I don't reach for Hershey's, but I do reach for...

1. Tootsie Frooties

I mean...the best, right? The blueberry kind? Amazing. 

2. Tootsie Fruit Rolls

I am weird and the vanilla flavored ones are my VERY favorite. I wish I could have a whole bag of just vanilla. But the cherry is definitely a close second. 

3. Jelly Belly's

Juicy pear. That is all. 

4. Fun Dip

The magic dip is what it's all about. But let's be real, the sticks are the reason you buy these things. 

5. Fave-Reds Starbursts
The only starbursts that ever matter. 

6. Skittles

It is true that as a wedding gift we got a HUGE bag of skittles. It may or may not have been my favorite gift. I like the purple and red. Daniel likes the yellow and green. We eat the orange last, because we are Americans. 

7. Bottlecaps (ONLY the rootbeer kind)

Okay this is only a quarter of a craving. Because I only like the rootbeer flavored ones. The rest are gross and I won't eat them. But those rootbeer ones? Heaven will be lined with them, that much I am sure of.

8. Laffy Taffy
Don't give me those tiny things. No. No. No. Mama needs the BIG bars. The watermelon ones are BY FAR the best, don't even. The little candy seeds?! It's nirvana in a wrapper. 

9. Chewy Sprees

I don't like the crunchy ones, but the chewy ones are perfect. I love the flavors and they are juicy and just the right amount of chew. 


The banana ones were my favorite. I used to put them in my mouth how you would an orange with the peel on and smile. Because I am a weirdo. But seriously, so good. 

So mainly anything chewy that is fruit flavored and it's starting to make sense why I had to have a few brackets replaced when I had braces...

What do you reach for when you have a sweet tooth?


Tanika Rice


  1. I'm definitely a chocolate girl. I love Twix and Reese's. My hands down favorite though?! Reeses Easter eggs.

  2. I'm a chocolate person. If I swear off chocolate, I end up pretty much giving up sweets in general. I love Harobo twin cherries though. I refrigerate them first. :) And buttered popcorn jelly bellies!!!


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