Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

Our 4th was so crazy that I didn't have time to post! I was go-go-going until we came home near midnight! 

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Forgive me for the late post, but I will make up with it with a lot of cuteness and A LOT OF PICTURES!

How cute is this ruffled bum?! The Hairbow Co. made it! 

I made Red White & Blueberry cupcakes. 
Unfortunately, the frosting didn't set. Cream cheese frosting NEVER sets. 
Ugh. But it still tasted good :)

I live and breathe for this dress. It was SO stinkin' cute and she (and I) got compliments on it all day. 
The Hairbow Co. made this, too!

And what outfit would be complete without a MadiMo's Bows creation?! Certainly not one of my kids, that's for sure! I LOVE Michelle's work. Seriously. The best hair stuff for little girls. 

We went to a birthday party on the 4th for a very sweet little boy. Too bad the party time was close to Gracie's nap time because she was NOT a happy camper and was a grouchy person 95% of the time. 
ALSO: no one told me that my undershirt was doing that weird thing where it pulls down? Ugh.

OUTFIT CHANGE. Of course. 

She LOVED the fireworks. This was the first year she truly enjoyed them and it was awesome to watch.

She was clapping along, squealing with joy, and pointing at the fireworks. So fun!

Couldn't end the night without patriotic jammies! Of course!

My favorite patriot ;) 

I am so grateful to live in this AMAZING country. We are truly blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. I am so grateful to all of those who keep our country safe and free. 

God Bless the USA,


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  1. Never heard of the Hair Bow company... I thank you, but not sure the bank account will. On a side note.. you would definitely love Sparkle In Pink (!


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