Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Oh Canada..."

I am totally joining Juliette, Faith and Allie with their post everyday challenge for July. Sometimes it's nice to not have to think about what to post, or worry about it at all! Plus, I am kind of obsessed with Juliette's blog and will pretty much do whatever she tells me to. She is my blogging equivalent of Barbra Streisand. You can totally quote me on that. *ahem* anywhoo...

They have created a blogging prompt (which you can check out HERE) for each day of the month of July. The topics are weird, fun, thought provoking and sweet. I am so excited and I only hope I can keep up!!

July 1st: Canada Day 

I know very little of Canada. I don't even think I know how the national anthem goes. In fact, when I wrote the title of this blog I started singing the Genovia anthem song from Princess Diaries.

(Yes, I am aware that this post is going to make me look seriously ignorant.) 

Most of my knowledge of Canada comes from movies, TV shows or random internet findings.

I know that Jack Donaghy didn't want his baby born in that country that wouldn't take his money for healthcare.

I know that Robin Scherbatsky from HIMYM is from there and apparently it's rugged where she was from. Lots of bears, wilderness, and space for a father to teach his daughter to be a son.

I know they are hockey nuts because on the many internet memes that are out there about Canada and hockey. OH! and that they slay everyone in Hockey at the Olympics...pretty big sign there, too.

Lots of snow.

I know a good portion speak French, especially near Alberta & Quebec. Right...?

I just assume Canada has amazing maple syrup. Why else would you have a big freakin' maple leaf on your flag if not to say COME GET YOUR PANCAKES AND DRIZZLE THEM WITH OUR FANTASTIC SYRUP!! No? Maybe that's just me...

I know that Rob Ford is from Canada. He has probably eaten a lot of pancakes with maple syrup...along with his crack apparently.

I know that most American's know little to nothing about Canada...as evidenced by this buzzfeed challenge...and also by this post on my blog.

But one really important thing I DO know...probably the MOST important thing about Canada...is that...



I figure she MORE then makes up for the total train wreck that is Justin Beiber, who I just tend to ignore in day to day life.

But Celine? She is the crowned Queen of Canada in my opinion. Or at least she should be. Amirite? because who else could inspire THIS genius? Or THIS?

She also did a duet with Barbra, which makes her freakin' cool and Canada deserves a tip o' the hat for having her be a citizen of their country. 

*Drops mic*


yours truly,

Woefully Ignorant About Canada

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  1. All of my Canada facts come from movies, tv, and now blogs :)


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