Friday, July 25, 2014

Reaching My Goal & How I Did It

Happy Friday, ya'll! I have been waiting to post this so I could post it under Lauren's Friday's Favorite F Words series. Today's is fitness and I have something exciting to tell you!

The Best F Words

A week and a half ago, I met my goal. I FINALLY reached my pre-pregnancy weight!

Surprisingly, I really thought that number would mean more to me than it did. I definitely felt a sense of "YES, I DID IT! SUCK IT PREGNANCY WEIGHT!" I did a dance around my bathroom in my under-roo's, as one does of course. I was ecstatic and I may have gotten misty. 

After the happy wore of, I was wondering to myself if I would keep on dieting. Would keep being the healthy person I have been for the last 6 months? 

What a silly question!

At the beginning of all of this, yes I wanted to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I also wanted to create a healthy relationship with food. I wanted to not binge eat, I wanted to exercise and be active. Mostly, I wanted to be an example to my daughter so that she would be able to have a good relationship with food and exercise one day. 

Those goals didn't stop just because I hit a number on the scale. 

As of this morning I have lost 32 pounds. I went from 164 to 132. I am SO proud of that, but now that I hit my pre-pregnancy weight of 133 lbs, I have decided to stop caring about the number. Now it matters that I stay healthy and on the right track, if more weight loss comes with that --great! But that's not my focus anymore. 

A lot of people in the last few months have asked how I did it, what I did, when I did it. I decided to give a few tips! I am in NO way a "professional", these are solely what worked for me and me alone. But they did work. All of these tips I am giving I still follow to this day.

1. Calorie count for awhile, I calorie counted for the first three months. I am grateful that I did. It got me into a habit of PAYING attention to what is going into my body. I know that for me, I wasn't paying attention and just thought that what I was eating wasn't a lot...turns out--it was a lot. I stopped calorie counting after I realized I was being cognizant of calorie intake all on my own and didn't need the app anymore. I still don't. This is just mainly so you realize exactly how much you are putting into your body. 

2. Exercise EVERY day, even if it's only a tiny workout or just a walk. It gets your body moving and keeps that metabolism up. Plus, I have SO much more energy after a work-out. 

3. BUY CUTE WORK OUT CLOTHES. If you buy cute workout clothes--the work out will come. Trust me. Every time I bought new shorts, or a new bra, I wanted to work out! Clothes are definitely a good motivator.

4. Alternate your work-out routine. I started flat-lining doing the same thing every day. It keeps your body from getting lazy and keeps YOU from getting lazy. Plus I was getting super freaking bored.

5. Get work-out DVD's for the days you don't want to go to the gym, or when you can't go. I have a toddler, and I don't have a ton of money for a babysitter or daycare, so unless I go to the gym when Daniel gets home, I don't go. DVD's are what kept me on track. 

6. Get SUPPORT. My husband has been awesome through this, keeping me on track when I want to quit and making sure to compliment me even more than he usually does so I feel good about myself. He has pushed me through more 30 Day Shred workouts than I can count! He's kind of amazing that one. But I also have friend who is working out with me, who has the exact weight goals I do. She has been a ROCK of support when I need to vent to someone who is going through what I am. Plus when she'd tell me she lost weight it would spark the competition in me and I'd work harder that week and vice versa. It's a good motivator! 

7. BUY HEALTHY FOOD. I know this sounds like a "duh!" one, but you'd be surprised how much processed, REALLY bad for you, CRAP, you have in your house. I know I was. We got rid of most of it, kept some of it for my husband and for me occasionally. Then we replaced the "crap food budget" with a "produce budget". We eat so much more produce now and I LOVE it. I make healthy snacks and keep them in ziplocks in the fridge so when I am feeling peck-ish I have something healthy to turn to. I try to keep what's in the cabinets & fridge healthy so that even when I am tempted to binge I only have healthy stuff to binge on. THAT has helped me a LOT. Because I am a BIG stress eater. BIG. STRESS. EATER. Because we got rid of junk food, I now snack on celery, carrots, cucumbers, BANANAS and sometimes nuts. I am sure doing this alone contributed the most to my weight loss. 

8. Indulge every now and again! I still eat fast food, I still eat ice cream. I just eat WAY smaller portions and I don't eat it all the time. Fast food is definitely a "treat". Banning yourself from stuff you love is only going to make you resent the diet you're on and make you want to quit. I still eat cookies, but then I work out more that day. I still eat the things I really like, I am just careful about it and not careless. Big difference. 

9. KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES I had to figure out WHY I was gaining the weight. What was I doing that was enabling it? I found out I am a BIG stress eater. I found out that I will eat any cookie I see. I found out that I can't be trusted with sweets or junk food in the house. Knowing that, I was able to make adjustments so that I can be healthy. They weren't easy, but they've definitely paid off. 

and finally, the most IMPORTANT

10. DON'T GIVE UP When I started this...I literally had to lower myself down to pee. I couldn't squat. I couldn't walk. If there was a hitch in my step I felt it through my whole body. I was HUNGRY for a week while my body adjusted to smaller portion sizes. I wanted to quit so bad. My husband liked me as I was, and I was trying to get pregnant so what did it even matter?! I made a LOT of excuses, and almost quit. But then I didn't. I knew I needed to be healthy to get pregnant again, I knew I needed to have a healthier relationship with food and I knew I needed to do something about my dwindling self confidence. I am SO glad I didn't quit. The hard work WILL pay off, you just can't quit. So believe in your goals and believe in YOURSELF and never ever ever quit. You'll get there eventually. :) 

I hope that as the months go on, I will be able to keep the weight off, that I will continue a healthy relationship with food and that I will be an example to my children.

I hope that when I get pregnant again, I will have a healthier pregnancy and stay healthy and not gain a billion pounds. 

I hope that this experience will continue to mean something other than a number on a scale. 

Good luck ladies on your weight loss, I wish you all the best!




  1. congratulations! i love that you are conscious of teaching your daughter confidence and a healthy relationship with food. women need examples of that from an early age. that is so great that you are conscious of that! did you do a weight loss group or something (jenny craig, weight watchers) in addition to the things listed above??

  2. Way to go Tanika! I'm proud of you. And these are super great tips! I'm glad you're conscious of having a good relationship with food so your kiddos can see that example. :)


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