Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Totally Guilty



Day TWO: Guilty Pleasures

I have so many of these things it is UNREAL. Only I feel guilty about exactly...0% of them. Which I guess just makes them pleasures, but that sounds dirty so we are just gonna stick with guilty pleasures.

When I think of guilty pleasures I think of TV. I am not really sure why. Maybe because TV is a luxury and cable is insanely expensive, so to even HAVE cable is a guilty pleasure?

Either way, I think the top 2 things that top my guilty pleasures list are...

1. Pioneer Woman

She is basically the reason I got cable. I love her show so much. It's all food normal every day people eat. None of the Ina Garten if-you-didn't-hand-slaughter-your-quail-or-make-your-own-butter-store-bought-will-be-fine attitude. It's all just good down-home cooking. I don't just watch her show, I read her blog and her cookbooks. I made her cilantro lime rice last night for tacos and it was DANG good. She's just practical, funny and charming. Daniel LOVES her salsa recipe which means that she's passed the husband test. A very important test in anyone's household. I can seriously watch this show, like a zombie, for hours on end. My mouth will be hanging open, writing down the recipes, salivating and wish I was there to be a taste-tester. If only... P-Dubb--OUT!


If you haven't seen her show on DIY...WHY NOT?!!?! She honestly is the most bad-a chick around. She can work a fork lift better than any man I know! But seriously? She's a hard-working gal trying to save our country's history, one old house at a time. She's a purist and works her butt off to make sure the houses are restored to their former glory. There was one house that was just baaaad. It was scheduled to be demolished, she saved it and turned it into this beautiful magnificent house. That's kind of the story with each of her projects. Houses that are scheduled for demolish that she quite literally saves. It's amazing. What is crazy is she does ALL of the work. She rips out floors. She tears down walls. She installs bathtubs. She sands. She paints. She builds. SHE LIFTS HOUSES. Granted she has help along the way, but she doesn't just give orders and walk away. She is there, getting dirty, putting the work in. I freaking LOVE her show. I will watch reruns of the show and they still carry the same magic they did the first time I saw them. It's just awesome. She makes me feel like I can do anything!

We haven't had cable the last two years, because it was just too expensive. I secretely longed for these shows because they aren't on Netflix or on Hulu. I would find myself binge watching episodes at anyone's house I stayed! I went to visit my dad in Missouri for a week and I am pretty sure any spare moment was spent watching one of these shows. When I was at my in-laws this past summer, I even got my soon-to-be sister-in-law hooked on Rehab Addict

Watching these two shows is what I do in my free time. All of my free time. If Gracie is napping I am folding laundry and watching one of these shows. Gracie loves to watch Pioneer Woman with me, she thinks her dogs are cute and laughs at the cows. I like that Gracie and I can share some shows, especially good ones like these!

What are YOUR guilty pleasures? 




  1. I love love LOVE the Pioneer Woman. I wish I was her!

    A friend and I plan on going to see her on her next book signing tour

  2. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman! I want everything that she wears and to eat everything that she cooks! It all looks SO YUMMY!!

  3. I stumbled across Pioneer Woman a few years ago when her iced coffee recipe was floating around and I'm happy I did. I love her site!

  4. There are quite a few shoes I would probably be hooked on if we had it's probably good that we don't :P

  5. TV is totally my guilty pleasure. Lately it's been Master Chef, and Catfish. I love HGTV shoes though. They're my favorite to watch at the gym. Hal and I are hooked on Love it or List it.

  6. Rehab Addict sounds like my kinda show! And now I feel really inadequate with her badassness!


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