Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finally, an explanation!

It has been a really long while since I blogged here. I promise there is a reason...

How freaking adorable are these pictures, by the way? 


I didn't want to tell people when it was too early...but there is what you plan and what happens.

We are heading to Utah for my brother-in-laws wedding in the coming days, and well...I look about 4 1/2 months pregnant because I am so friggin' bloated.

 (and they say you get bigger quicker with your second, but THIS big? wowza) 
Ironically, I haven't gained an ounce. Insane, right?

Everyone knows we were trying to get pregnant, everyone knows I had lost 30 pounds and definitely didn't look even a little pregnant last time we saw them. We knew they'd put it together and wanted to announce it before we left so that it was still an announcement and not a "oh! you figured it out!" kind of situation.

I also didn't want to tell people too early because this pregnancy has already had complications. I had bleeding at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks. Nothing super serious, but enough to warrant a few ER visits (and a few blown veins...) Turns out, I have a placenta problem which is currently being exacerbated by Factor VII. So when normal healthy women would only spot a little, I bleed. Joy.

We expected these kinds of problems because I had placenta problems with Gracie.

Fortunately, like with Gracie, the placenta problem will fix itself later on in the pregnancy. We just have to keep an eye on it until it does. So I am on restrictions until then. No heavy lifting, no pelvic stress, no to a lot of things. I feel so bad for Daniel, despite him constantly reassuring me that everything is fine and I am carrying his baby so anything is fine by him as long as I am ok. (Insert "awwwwww" here.) 

We had an ultrasound today and the baby looks and sounds great, so I got the clear from the OB to go ahead and tell people.

ALSO, morning sickness this time around has been horrible. It was bad with Gracie, but this is another level. Which is why I haven't been blogging. I have ridiculous morning sickness from about 6 am to about 1pm, and then I am just nauseous the rest of the day. I seriously puked in the outdoor section of target a few weeks ago. I've puked in Gracie's diaper bag and I've puked in our kitchen sink while doing the dishes, just to name a few random places where I couldn't keep my breakfast down.

So hopefully, as the morning sickness subsides, I will be able to blog now. Plus, you all know I am pregnant now, which means I can finally blog about it because I have a LOT to say!


I am pregnant. We are adding a new little baby Rice to the family in March and we are pretty stinkin' excited about it.




  1. I suspected that was the reason for this break. Congrats!!!!! So happy for you!

  2. your belly has really popped since I last saw you... like 2 weeks ago. WOW! I am so excited for your new little baby!

  3. I wondered if something was going on like this, but I didn't dare pry ;) Congrats girl!!!

  4. I'm so excited for you. You have no idea. Well, you probably have an idea, because you're more excited. But seriously. I'm stoked. And those pictures are precious. Grace is going to be the cutest big sister in the land. :)


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