Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Being Pregnant & Being a Military Spouse

I got super super spoiled with my doctor for Gracie's prenatal care and delivery. He was amazing. The best. My favorite. He set my bar for doctors really really high. We still send him Gracie's birthday invitations with a thank you note on the back. This is all to say, he was the best doctor that ever existed and we loved him.

Obviously, since I am in Georgia and not in Utah for this pregnancy, he can't be this baby's doctor. (Although Daniel did offer to have me go to Utah for my pregnancy so he could be, which is sweet, but noooo.) This baby will be the first one I've had in the military environment. Let me tell you...the difference ALREADY is dramatic.

I did NOT get to chose my doctor. I sat down with a nurse who read my files, determined I was high risk, and sent me to the High Risk OB's at the medical facility here. Notice how I said OB's? Yes, that is plural.

I have seen three different doctors so far, and there are (at last count) 6 high risk doctors. All of which I have to have an appointment with somewhere along the way because GUESS WHAT?! I don't know who will be delivering my baby unless I am induced or scheduled for a c-section. Basically, both things I don't want to happen. I just get whatever doctor is on-call when my water breaks. Greeaaaaaaaat.

So far, I have mostly liked all the doctors I have seen. But I definitely have preferences on which one I'd want to deliver my kid. I also feel like I am outside of realm of care for some of them. I literally had to explain Factor VII to one of them. That doesn't exactly build a lot of confidence.

So, for all of these reasons, I am strongly considering switching to TriCare Standard (we are currently on Prime). The downfall to that is Prime is 100% covered for everything. Standard isn't. But I keep hearing mixed reports on what exactly is or isn't covered and just how much you'd have to pay. Some say they didn't pay a thing while others said they paid at least $500-$1000. Which is still nothing compared to what it would be for other insurances. But still, going form free to $1000 is a big leap.

The VERY big positive to switching is that I'd get to pick WHATEVER doctor I saw fit. It would be the SAME doctor throughout my entire pregnancy and that doctor would delivery the baby.

I am waiting for my Hematology appointment in mid-september to make that decision. If my doc says I need to be seen by one ob the whole time for monitored care, then that's what I am going to have to do.

I know a lot of military wives & moms read this blog. If you have any experience in this matter, I would be truly appreciative of any advice you can give me!




  1. I don't have babies yet but I was in an infertility treatment for about 6 months throughout these 6 months I saw my doctor 3 times the most and all my IUI's were done by the nurses resulting in a negative beta test. So I decided to take a break save up some money and do everything on our own, no Tricare involved. Sucks :(

  2. Ah, so frustrating!!! I know with my pregnancy, I was a little worried because while I love my normal doctor, she's a nurse practitioner and can't deliver, so they were telling me that my appointments would be every other with the other doctor who would deliver. So I had one appointment with my regular, scheduled one with the new doctor and then when I miscarried two days before, they had me keep that appointment and I saw someone completely new for my post miscarriage check up. It was a little unnerving because the other doctor is one I felt close to, I'd cried to her before about weight problems and she just understood me and then I'm with someone new for a really heartbreaking appointment? Plus I had another doctor that was my primary care doctor. I'm in the process of switching to someone who is family practice so she'd take care of my normal medical concerns, my woman issues, my future pregnancies and the delivery of those babies and possibly their pediatrics care... still deciding on that one. I just like the idea of one person knowing everything and not sending me to a million places or giving me contradicting information :P

  3. ((I just typed out a long butt comment.. and of course it did not post..))

    So I just delivered here at Fort Gordon in January. I was also considered high risk so was seen upstairs in the OBGYN. I primarily saw Homeyer. There was one appointment where I saw Dr. Thai. When I delivered Grace.. I was induced. They induced me the night before Homeyer was supposed to be on shift the entire day. Which of course Grace waited until his shift ended, so Dr. Thai delivered my baby. A couple of things to consider... even if you go off of post, chances are someone else will deliver your baby as well. I know of several friends that have gone off post (Standard) for that very reason and someone else ended up delivering their baby. At least with Eisenhower and Trinity, you will know who delivered your baby. With you being high risk, they seem to always make sure one of your doctors is there.. which is the good part about seeing all of them throughout your pregnancy. They can all be familiar with your case. Also.. I loved Trinity. And almost everyone who has ever delivered there will say the same. In fact I hope to have another kid while we are stationed here in Georgia so I can go through Eisenhower and Trinity again. I loved them that much.

    If you have any more questions.. please don't hesitate to ask. I am a huge advocate of staying Prime because I had an overall good experience at Eisenhower and Trinity even though Homeyer didn't deliver my baby.


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