Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Decoration. DECORATION! Put your paintbrushes to work!

**If you have ever seen Grease 2, read the title of this post in the melody of "Reproduction". 

When I had Gracie, we were living with my in-laws. Not that I am not insanely grateful for that, but it kind of but a damper on my nesting phase. I didn't get to make a room for Gracie. I didn't get to decorate and fantasize about my kiddo going in there one day.

I couldn't decorate her room in Monterey because we couldn't hang stuff because we'd get fined for holes. We couldn't paint. We couldn't do anything. We were only going to be there a year and a half anyway so we kind of didn't see the point in decorating ANYTHING. We hung a few pictures but besides that, it was bare bones. 

When we first bought our house the first thing I thought was "I get to decorate!". I knew I wanted to start with Gracie's room and if you have been following my instagram, you have been apart of the process. 

I will post pictures of Gracie's room-redo on Friday. It's not finished, because painting the wall and putting up a TON of vinyl kind of just wore me out on the whole redecoration process. (Not to mention, ate up my budget for the time being.) I do have sketches on what it will look like when it's done, and it will be done before Christmas. 

But yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and got a few fall things. I LOVE fall, it's my favorite favorite time of year. Leaves, and pumpkins, and hay rides! Not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving are in Fall, two really awesome holidays. Daniel is not a decorator. (surprise, surprise) He just doesn't see the point in it. But I DO! He gave me the okay to decorate for fall but the Halloween stuff couldn't come out until October. That sounded like a good plan to me! I don't like rushing the Holidays anyway.

We have a beautiful electric fireplace with a mantel, a MANTEL you guys! Ah! Do you know how many pins I have on Pinterest with ideas on how to decorate those things?! I knew I was going to start there. 

You know when Belle walks into the library the Beast gives her in Beauty and the Beast? That's how I am when I walk into Hobby Lobby or any craft store. If I was rich, that is where a good portion of my money would go, of that I am sure. 

PLUS they are have a 40% sale on all Fall Decor. I felt like the Gods where helping me achieve my mantel dreams! I got all of this fancy stuff plus a bundle of wheat for $34. It would normally have been $80! Savings!!

I messed around with it for about an hour before I decided I liked it. I may tweak it and add a few things later on, but I am really proud of my very first mantel piece ever! I kept wishing for Daniel's Grandma Deann to be there because she is SO good at mantel pieces and arrangements of any kind. I hope she is proud of me! 

I got some candles with a coupon I had and added them here and there. I think it really makes it look good! 

First piece of fall decor: CHECK! Yaaahoooooooo! 

Are you guys decorating yet?


  1. Your mantle looks awesome!!! I need to decorate mine, I just keep waiting for construction to be finished so that there's not dust everywhere.

  2. Love it! I was just thinking the other day I need to get the fall decorations down and start putting them up!


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