Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gracie's Room Redo: Part I { Work In Progress}

I decided to introduce what has been going on the last few months in Gracie's room. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but trust me, it took FOREVER.

**Ombre Wall**

 I wanted to take my time picking colors. I wanted something that could grow with Gracie. I didn't want to do anything too "girly". I have no idea what kind of girl Gracie is gonna be and I don't want to have to repaint her room if she ends up hating pink. I wanted her room to be full of color and just fun and spunky like she is!

These are the colors I was considering. I almost immediately got rid of the light blue and most of the coral colors. Took me a lot longer to decide on 6 to test paint. 

At this point, I knew I was going to do a teal. the other colors didn't sit well with the light throughout the day. I wanted colors that would stay true no matter what light they were in. 

So we got #8, #9 (bottom center, top right) and had Home Depot make one lighter shade out of #8. Those were our three ombre colors. Yes, I had the INSANE idea to do Ombre. INSANE. DO NOT DO IT. 

I watched a bazillion ways to do Ombre. But all of them were different and all not what I wanted. So I kind of took bits and pieces from all of them and went for it. 


I am still not happy with the bottom two fades, but at that point I wanted to paint it all one color and call it good. So I am pleasantly happy-enough with it to walk away.

Trust me, it looks a bazillion times better in real life.

 Where that flower garland is, I have a bunch of artwork and frames I am going to make into a gallery wall. I just am missing a few pieces, before I put it all up.

**Vinyl Wall**

From there we painted the rest of the walls an off-white that matched the existing trim. I knew I wanted to do gold vinyl dots on the opposite wall of the ombre. I saw a pin with a few dots on a coral wall and I was like...I gotta do that!

I did NOT know how long it would take and I didn't even do the manual labor of it all. I had a good friend cut the vinyl (she has her own vinyl cutter) and she placed them for me. It saved me SO MUCH MONEY. If you have a friend who cuts vinyl, go through them. Because everywhere I looked for pre-cut gold vinyl dots--it was outrageously expensive.

It took a month to put up. Not consecutively, but once a week she would come over and put more up and we'd realize we needed more. It was never ending. And to be honest, I could put more along the trim of the floor, but I walked away from it for now.

I just love the way it looks!

I plan to hang her hair stuff on the wall. You can see the pink flower frame on the pink dresser, that will be hung and I am going to make a bow holder as well. We will see if I keep that plan though. I may just leave the dotted wall alone :)
**Elephant Wall**

{This looks a lot bigger than the actual space, but I forgot to take a picture of this wall and Gracie is asleep right now.}

In the ombre wall pictures you can see her white armoire. That is what is on the left of this picture. I am going to change all of the knobs to really cute funky ones I found at Hobby Lobby. They are $4 a piece though so that will be a separate purchase a while down the road. But I thought that would be a fun way to make that part of the room and to make it fun without having to repaint it or do anything crazy. I am a little done with paint.

The elephant won't be as big as it looks in this picture. But I saw this awesome collage thing on pinterest that I thought would be so AWESOME in her room and a fun way to bring in color. Plus it is super cheap to make. Just time consuming.

Doesn't that look cool? Gracie is in love with elephants so I thought that would be so fun for her to have a big elephant in her room. Just another way to bring Grace into the room.

I wanted this wall to be a library wall. Gracie has SOO many books and we need to get them out of what will soon be the baby's new room. 

We haven't decided on what kind of shelving we are going to use yet, but I am leaning towards book baskets. They are easy for Gracie to get into, and they look super cute AND they are really cheap to make. We shall see what we decide. 

I LOVE the idea of floor cushions. 

Just a cute little place for her to sit or lay and read her books.

This is another fun way for me to incorporate color into the room and add some of her personality into the room. I saw some awesome b&w cat prints that Gracie loved at Hobby Lobby. I plan to make these cushions within the next month.

That is all I have got figured out for now. I will keep you updated on the progress of the room but I am excited at where it is going and I am excited that there really isn't that much more to do!

What do you think?

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  1. I LOVE it! I really hope you'll share more updates because someday I might have to steal some of these ideas.


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