Thursday, September 18, 2014

She Amuses Me

Gracie is hysterical. She does a lot of weird things, says a lot of weird things, and she just loves to be goofy. Sometimes, she is just the cutest little thing in this whole planet and I want to squish her, but I can't because she isn't a stuffed animal. But I want to. 

Every morning she comes toddling in to my bedroom, "Hi, mommy!" and she crawls into my bed, pulls the blanket over herself and snuggles in with me. Even if I have been up for hours before, I always try to be in bed when I hear her waking up, just so we can have morning snuggles.

She is a child of repetition. She will do something as simple as going down two stairs over and over again until she does it at her level of satisfaction, and then she can move on.

She has now started asking for food (hallelujah).  When she asks for it now she says "food?" Then we will ask what she wants, and she will name it and start giggling hysterically.

We've been teaching her please and thanks you's for awhile now, so she says please really well when she asks for things. She gets so enthusiastic about the sign and basically slaps herself, which she thinks is funny, and then she runs off like a wild woman.

She runs like a horse. She literally half gallop/ half jumps when she runs. When she gets her arms, it's just funny to watch her run.

When she loves something, man does she LOVE it. Right now we are big into elephants, Frozen and Ariel. A few months ago it was Tinkerbell. I love seeing how her interests change.

Every night we have to make sure we go check on her after she falls asleep because she always falls asleep in the most herp-derp ways. Last night, I found her literally half-way off the bed, and somehow she was curled around the toddler rail guard. It's hard to imagine but trust me, I walked in and was like..."How did you even fall asleep like that?"

When she gets in trouble, she goes in timeout for two minutes. When that two minutes is up, we take her out, tell her what she did wrong and why it's not ok and then we have her apologize, we tell her we love her, give her a hug and she can go play. Well, lately, she skips across the apologize part and just hugs the crap out of us until we let her go. So we will say what she did wrong, why it's not okay and when we say "Can you say sorry for doing such-and-such?" and instead of saying sorry she will basically jump hug us and when we try to pull her off us to get her to say sorry, she clenches around your neck tighter so you can't. She's clever with her cuteness.

Ever since she figured out that please gets her things, she now thinks please gets her the world. Jumping on the couch? peeeeeass. Climbing up the kitchen table? peeeeeeaassssssss.  She will be doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing, but she's said please so she thinks it is okay now.

She will talk my ear off, but when she's around other people she reverts into more incoherent blabber than actual words. So I try to record her when she's talking well so that people don't think I am lying because she won't talk to them. It is the weirdest thing when she decides to be shy, because Gracie just isn't a shy person and as soon as they leave she is back to her chatterbox self.

She is just so full of life and so fun! 
She thinks the baby is in her belly and it's hilarious. 9/10 if you ask her where the baby is, she will pull her shirt up, point to her belly, and say "My baby in there!" I will say "No! Silly girl! The baby is in mommy's belly!" She will get mad at that, tell me no and reaffirm that it's her baby. Sometimes, when we ask "Where is mommy's baby?" She will point to my belly and give it a kiss, but more times than not, I am reminded of just whose this baby is. Hint: It's not mine.

Going outside, even when we go out several times a day, is the most exciting thing to her. She LOVES outside, she would live out there if I let her.

Her little names for things crack me UP. For instance, "freckles" are pretzels. I am not sure how she made that correlation but I love it. I am tempted to never correct her so she always calls them freckles.

She loves music. Always has. When I was pregnant with her she would kick the most when Earth, Wind and Fire was playing. She responds so incredibly well to music of any kind. Singing Let it Go will stop any fit, and Ariel will calm down any nightmares. I sing to her almost every night, and every time she is sick or scared. We have dance parties in the kitchen all the time. I can't wait to see what her relationship with music is like when she gets older.

She asks for her daddy and her papa (Daniel's Dad) every single day, a bazillion times a day. This morning, we were having our regular pest control check up thing, and the door bell rang. She ran to the door and thought it was her papa. Boy was she mad when she found out it wasn't. I love how much she loves her Papa & Gramma.

I love how much she LOVES, in general.

One of the things I enjoy most about my life, is that I get to see the world through her eyes. I get to re-experience things all the time simply because they are new to her. I mean, do you remember how excited you were the first time you saw big animals like an elephant or a giraffe? I love, love, LOVED being apart of that with her. I love being apart of everything with her. She loves to learn, she loves to see, she loves to do. She's adventurous, she's silly, she's serious, she's loving, she's shy, she's rambunctious, she's beautiful. She's Gracie.

I love my kid. She is a never ending source of entertainment and joy for me. She definitely has her stinky moments, but for the most part--she is an amazing kid and I am so stinkin' glad I get to be a witness to how awesome she is.

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