Thursday, September 25, 2014

We're Having A...


He was SO stinkin' cute in there. He did NOT want to show us the goods. His legs were firmly crossed at first. We had to work to get him to move those legs! 

He was stretching and moving around, rubbing his eyes, he got the he is a cutie patootie already.

He will fit right in with his big sister.

Isn't he a cutie?

Daniel was in shock for awhile, only because he was so convinced the baby would be a girl. But, uh... he is obviously a boy! I knew it from the moment the lines turned pink that he was a boy, and as soon as my Grandma LeeAnn confirmed it (she has correctly guessed all her grandkids), well that was all I needed to know he was a boy. Daniel was just in denial. 

I also think he is in a little bit of panic mode. Had he turned out to be a girl, all we'd need is a new dresser. But he is a boy so we are going to need a LOT of stuff. I think that sounds fun, Daniel is panicking about it. I just have to keep reminding him that when we were pregnant with Gracie she was spoiled rotten, she got all the stuff she needed (and more) and we didn't have hardly any money. If we could do it then, we can DEFINITELY do it now.  I'm not too worried, I am excited!!!! I love little boy stuff. :) I am worried what we are going to do with all of Gracie's toys that are currently taking up his room right now though...

Plus, he is the first grandson on my dad's side and the first grandson on Daniel's side. thinks he will be spoiled anyway, just like Gracie is! 

It will all come together I am sure, but seeing him yesterday made this pregnancy so much more real for me. It hadn't felt REAL yet. Even though I've been sick, I've seen the baby so much and everything, for some reason it just didn't feel real. Well it sure does now!!! 

It has made me so darn excited to hold him and love on him and snuggle him. But I am going to try to relax and enjoy my last months with Gracie by herself before her brother gets here. 
We have a SON, ya'll!

One of each so I can say they are each my favorite. :)

Gracie is going to be an amazing big sister!!!

Is it March yet?!?!? 

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  1. How fun! Did you end up going on post or did you go to Prenatal Imaging?


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