Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This morning I was going through my spam email looking for a specific email (that always goes to spam for some reason) and was pretty shocked at what I found. A bazillion emails from

At first glance I thought they were just ads, then I realized it had said things like "your registration has been confirmed." "your subscription has been confirmed". I clicked on the email and sure enough, an account had been activated on with my email, my pictures, my everything. The only thing that was different was the person changed the birthday from April 30th 1990 (my birthday) to April 30th 1979. Then they changed the location to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It took me a minute to not freak the freak out.

I called the number on the email that says "If you did not authorize these changes call...." 

Pretty sure I didn't authorize that account, bro.

After being on the phone with for awhile it's finally shut down.

And there is a bonus! The person who stole my identity was an idiot and bought a subscription just recently with an online check. So they will be able to track the person down and punish them for identity theft.

But holy crap. That was a scary morning.

It scares me because some of the pictures they used I don't have posted anywhere right now. They were posted along time ago, because they were from early college days. So it makes me worry and wonder if there is a catalog of my pictures on the internet when I wasn't being smart about internet privacy.

It also worries me that they had my email address. I know that is a fairly common thing, but to connect my pictures TO my email address? That is scary business.

It is really making me think of internet privacy and making everything private. I don't know, just really freaked out a the moment.

Just goes to show you--CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS.

A still really freaked out,



  1. That is SUPER creepy! Good thing you found it when you did and got it shut down. I hope that person gets a wake-up call!

  2. Wow, that is really scary!!! I'm glad you found it and got it all taken care of!


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