Friday, October 31, 2014

Hi-Five for Friday! {Happy Halloween}

In celebration of Halloween (my 2nd favorite holiday) all the pictures in these posts shall be Halloween-y.

I am pretty excited for tonight, Gracie really seems to have a good grasp on the whole trick-or-treating thing this year and I am excited to take her. IDK what the heck we are going to do with all the candy she gets, considering she doesn't eat candy outside of suckers...but I am sure we will think of something. ;) 

COSTUMES: 1st Year: Lady Bug. 2nd Year: Tinkerbell and Batman 3rd Year: Little Red Riding Hood

1// Happy Halloween! What are you and your little ones being for Halloween?!

Incase you missed it, this is us this year:

We forgot Daniels ax, DANG it. 

2// We are in serious clean up this house mode because my in-laws come on Wednesday! I am so excited! I love my in-laws and my MIL and I already have a Chili's date. (It's kind of our thing ;) ) Gracie is going to be SO excited to see her Papa and Gramma. She asks for her Papa at LEAST once a day so she is gonna freak OUT.

3// The belly has really popped in the last few weeks and I officially think I need to get a belly band because he is sitting so friggin' low and I constantly feel like he is gonna fall out! It's also leaving me with some pretty intense back pain at the end of the night. I didn't use one with Grace because she was pretty far into my back for most of my pregnancy, so I am not sure if they really work but I am totally willing to try. 

4// Speaking of belly, tomorrow I will be 20 weeks, that's HALFWAY there. So because of that, I decided that's a PERFECT time to do the belly updates! I really should have done them with Gracie, but I felt fat and unattractive so I didn't. I totally regret that now. My advice? TAKE THE PICTURES. 

PUMPKINS: 1st Pumpkin: A baby monkey mommy made her. 2nd & 3rd Pumpkins: Gracie Creations.

5// Gracie has know the horror stories you hear about the terrible two's?? Ya, multiply that by a zillion. It's been a rough go in the Rice house. However, I decided to cut out TV, shows, princess music, etc. She has a BIG issue with the word "no", as most children do. But we noticed her biggest fits came when we told her she couldn't watch or listen to something. That really ticked me off, not at Gracie, but at myself. I was SO good about her TV exposure when we were in Monterey. But happened. I got pregnant and sick and it was just easier to put a movie on in the morning so I could pull myself together. She didn't watch a crazy amount or anything, but definitely and obviously more than what she should be watching. So we are on a digital entertainment ban. *sigh* We shall see how this goes. 

Happy Friday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

PUMPKIN PATCHES: 1st: Cornbellys with me in Utah 2: Farm in Monterey 3. Farm in Georgia 4. Patch near our home
Stay safe!


Tanika Rice

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