Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi-Five for the Weekend!

I am so excited for the weekend! It's going to be a busy one but a FUN one. The next THREE weekends, actually, are going to be a complete blast.

1\\ We are going to a dairy farm tomorrow with some friends. It's one of those farms that has games, rides, petting zoo's, pumpkin patch, mazes and all sorts of fun things for kiddos to do. I can't WAIT to take Gracie to it! 

2\\ I am going to get the fabric to start on Gracie's costume today, it has to be done before next Friday (our church's Trunk or Treat) so I need to get moving on it! Which means I need to check my sewing machine and see if I need any essentials! 

Which one do you guys like? (Gracie is going to be little red) Daniel doesn't like the idea of a toddler wearing anything that looks like a corset, so he likes the left one better. I think it doesn't look like a corset, I think it looks like it's from the location and time period Little Red Riding Hood is from. I am making it, so it won't look EXACTLY like either one (change in fabrics, lengths, etc), but the basic design is in question.
What's your vote? 

3\\ Tuesday is little dude's anatomy scan. I have SO much anxiety about it. I just want him to be okay. Even though I've seen him a bunch already (high-risk does have some perks) this is the big ultrasound where they really check to make sure everything is okay with him. My quad screen came back negative, which is awesome, but you really just never know. So I am anxious!! Though he is REALLY movin' inside there now. I can feel him all the time and Daniel was able to feel him once. Is it Tuesday yet?
17 weeks 4 days with Gracie, 17 weeks with Little Dude. This was a week ago.
4\\ We have had to start giving Gracie Pediasure because she just won't eat enough to nourish her body. Her already crappy eating habits were starting to decline so we weighed her, a week later she had lost almost a whole pound. What she does eat, is all healthy. I don't feed her junk food. But what she does eat--that's it. She is the pickiest eater known to man, and sometimes she won't eat food that she LOVES. I swear, the kid is surviving off Hawaiian rolls and pretzels. Hopefully the Pediasure helps her bulk up a little.

5\\ Gracie has ANOTHER ear infection (which could be why she has boycotted food). This time it's more than likely caused by one of her tubes falling out. So when the infection has passed she needs to see an ENT to get new tubes placed. I feel so bad, this kiddo got her bad ears from me. Darn it! Of all the things to get from me, she gets my bad ears!

Hope you guys have a blast this weekend, 

I know I plan to! 


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  1. I love the costume on the right :) I love that it has more variety to it :)


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