Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Red

I knew almost immediately that I wanted Gracie to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It took awhile for Daniel to get on board (The man always wants us to be Batman LOL) but once he was I started researching costumes.

I couldn't find any online that I liked that weren't $100 or weren't so ridiculously cheap looking but still cost at least $30. Yeah, no. I knew I could make something better and wouldn't cost me a lot of money.

I went to JoAnn's armed with coupons and walked out with enough fabric to make Gracie's costume. The tulle I bought for under her skirt was mis-marked and because it had already been cut I had to pay for it. SO instead of paying almost $3 for it, I had to pay almost $9. Boo! So the total for all of it was $21, but had I not had to pay for mis-marked tulle, it would have been $15. Fifteen dollars, that's it. You'd be hard pressed to find any Halloween costume of good quality for $15. I felt confident that if I didn't screw it up, she'd end up with a pretty awesome costume.

Well, I did mess up, almost immediately. I wanted the skirt to be poofier (thus the yards and yards of tulle I bought) but because I didn't draft a pattern and just winged it--it bit me in the but. By the time I realized I had messed up, it was too late to fix it. So, the skirt isn't poofy, but I learned a lesson and made a pattern for everything after that.

Finished skirt \\ Base of the shirt \\ back of the shirt w/ velcro closures \\ Grace trying on the shirt base to make sure it fits \\ skirt attached to the shirt, trying it on to make sure it all fits well \\ a big red bow for the back that is sewn on so I wouldn't have to worry about the bow coming undone\\ The finished back of the dress \\ the finished front of the dress with all the pretty details\\ trying it on Gracie to make sure it fits! 


Our church held a trunk or treat on the 24th, so I knew I only had a week to finish everything. I surprised myself and had it done on Tuesday...outside of the cape.

I didn't get any progress pics of the cape because I made it very last minute after putting it off all week. I finished it about 2 hours before the trunk or treat! 

The finished product on My Little Red! 

Going to her first trunk of the night! 

She really got the hang of trick or treating this year. Last year she didn't udnerstand that when we put the candy in the basket--that it was still HERS, she thought we were taking it away. So she had a meltdown after each house/trunk. This year, she said "trick or treat" and "tan-tu" after each trunk and was so excited to have her "cannny". She was so possessive of her candy this year too, making sure she carried it everywhere and made sure to remind her mom and dad that the candy was hers, and not theirs. LOL. Which I find funny because she only eats the suckers. 

I can't wait to take her out on Friday!

Our family costume. I am a wolf that ate the granny, Daniel is a lumber jack (we forgot to get him an ax, darn it!) and Gracie is our little red. 

We are standing so awkwardly here but I just love it!

I just love Halloween and seeing everyone's costumes and being so excited to be someone else for the night! Gracie got a lot of compliments on her costume and it sure made me feel good! There were about 8 Elsa's and 4 Anna's there so Gracie was in HEAVEN. Every time she saw one of them she freaked out with excitement. I love her innocence and joy in the littlest of things. 

 The Wolf 


  1. So cute! Love her costume.. you rocked it!

  2. Too cute!! Red riding hood costumes are my favorite!!!


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