Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Family Who Freezes Together...

I was so excited to take family pictures this year. Georgia is just beautiful with so many trees around here. Especially because the leaves had just began to change when we booked the pictures.

I had the photographer picked pretty much since we moved here, she did a lot of our friends' pictures and I love every shoot she has done. 

When she sent me a picture of our location I was so excited, the leaves were orange, gold and red and just GORGEOUS. Our outfits were perfect, our photographer was perfect, our location was perfect, everything was falling into place! rained. It rained a lot. Then it froze. Gracie had a runny nose and I was getting sick. I didn't know if we would even be able to take pictures the day we had scheduled. But we knew it would just get colder as the days and weeks went on. The sun came out the next day and though it was super cold, we all agreed we could brave through it for an hour with coats and blankets on hand. 

I wish we had rescheduled! Firstly, I forgot my beautiful Pinkblush necklace that really tied my outfit to Gracie's and to Daniel's. I remembered the earrings but had forgot the necklace at home as we rushed out the door. I also forgot my wedding ring and the photographers check. I was really running on all cylinders that day, as you can tell. :/

So to make up for you all not seeing that gorgeous necklace: 
See? Isn't it so pretty? 

Anyway, it was freezing cold-waaaaaay colder than the weather app said it was going to be. Even though we traded off blankets and we took the pictures as fast as we could, we were still frozen at the end. Grace was a total trooper and just loved running on the docks. We kept her in her coat as much as we could, and wrapped her in a blanket most of the time...but that didn't stop her runny nose from turning into a real sickness two days later. Plus, a lot of the gorgeous leaves fell off from the storm the previous day. Did I mention I wish we had just rescheduled? 

But our photographer was a champ, took these pictures quickly and efficiently and was amazing with Gracie & making sure she stayed warm. Plus, we all three looked amazing, the lighting was gorgeous and in the end we got some really beautiful pictures out of a very very cold & flustered experience. 

I love this one! Grace does NOT have the ability to not make a herp-derp face furing family pictures. It is SO her and her personality and I love it. 
But she also takes some pretty cute ones too ;) 
All wrapped up in the blanket. This is my very favorite picture ever ever taken of Gracie. 
I love this little family of mine, and you know what they say: "A family who freezes together, is stuck together!" (People totally say that, right?) 



  1. Wow all these pics came out beautiful. It doesn't even seem as if it was cold. God bless your family and Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Beautiful photos! Ours were taken when it was freezing too. I think we're having sumner photis next year!

  3. You'd never tell it was cold! They look great! We took our fall pictures on a 90 degree day here in good Ole Georgia. So unpredictable!


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