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Bumpin' It Up || 23 & 24 Weeks

Because I had the plague (the flu) last weekend, I did NOT feel like getting dressed up for a picture. NO THANK YOU. I will take my sweats and frumpy sweater for $200, Alex.

However, my maternity pictures were taken at 22 W 3 D so that will have to do!
Dress: PinkBlush Maternity // Earrings: PinkBlush  
23 Weeks ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender BOY!

Name | We have two names picked. We were going to wait to see him to name him but decided to have a name picked out before he is born so I can welcome him into the world with his name. It's a mom thing. Or it's a Tanika thing...either way we will have his name soon but we aren't going to tell anyone until he is born and I thought of the cutest way to do announce it!

Size | Over a pound and about the size of a bunch of grapes or a large mango

Feeling | We all got the flu (which is why this post is late...) so pretty gross. Being pregnant and having the flu is a whole new world of stinky!

Hormones | I cried in the car after we took our photos because I was so sure that they weren't going to turn out! Then I cried when I saw a sneak peek and they were great! Not too bad I think!

Workouts Until my blood levels out, I am not working out. I go on a 1.5 mile walk around my neighborhood every couple of days and I chase Grace around, but that's it for now. 

Weight | +16 lbs

Body | Back pain & RLP can suck it. That's generally how I feel 99% of the time. 

Clothing | I have a few pre-pregnancy shirts that still fit me, but I have a feeling that by 25-30 weeks I will be solely in maternity clothes. 
Sleep | I still can't sleep well, just can't get comfortable and little dude is a night owl so he keeps me up at night.

Appetite | I AM A NEVER ENDING PIT OF HUNGER. It's RIDICULOUS. Even with the flu, I just want to eat everything!

Nursery | We decided we aren't doing anything with his room till after Christmas. I am on the lookout for a dresser though. 

Missing | Caffeine and sushi! 

Fun Fact | The baby's inner ear is fully developed and can hear everything we do, just not in the same way because well, he is in my belly. ;) 

Best Moment of The Week | This exchange between Gracie and the baby: 

Grace & little dude just got into a cute off. She'd kiss my belly and he'd kick back in response. I pretty much died from the cute. Then I think he kicked her because she withdrew and held her mouth and said "ow, sowwie baby!...Bye brother!" Then pulled my shirt down and went on her merry way. 

Don't I look exhausted? I am. 
24 Weeks ||

Size | Over a pound and recently went through a growth spurt! He is almost a foot long!

Feeling | Really really REALLY tired. Having a sick kiddo plus yourself being sick while pregnant? Not easy. I really think I would benefit from a week in a hotel just sleeping.

Hormones | We had a scare on Monday night. I was bleeding and cramping. I could feel him in there bouncing around so that eased my worry a lot. We went into L&D and I got hooked up to monitors for awhile. His heartbeat was great and he kept kicking the monitors in protest. We both ended up being okay, but man that sure made me emotional & a worry wart the rest of the week.

Workouts Until my blood levels out, I am not working out. I go on a 1.5 mile walk around my neighborhood every couple of days and I chase Grace around, but that's it for now. 

Weight | +16 lbs! Wooohoo! I didn't gain anything crazy over Thanksgiving. Which is saying something because I ate WAY TOO much. I could NOT move, that is NOT an exaggeration. 

Body | The belly is really super tight and I can feel that the real stretching is about to happen. But thank the lord I have found the perfect concoction thus far to help combat itchy skin!

I won some free homemade soap from an instagram giveaway and when I saw the oatmeal & shea butter I thought it would be perfect to ease the itchiness that can happen as your skin stretches for baby. I was right. 

So I was the belly thoroughly with this at night and then I put Hemps Original or Hemps Extra Moisturizer Lotion on the belly.

Works like a charm thus far!

Clothing | Because PinkBlush was/is having an AMAZING Black Friday online sale this week I made out like a bandit and I still have one more day of shopping. Seriously though, check out their sale because it's insane. I have bought 12 items and just barely went over $100. You won't get a better deal.

Sleep | Not getting nearly enough and oddly this week it has100% been because of Gracie. She is going through that whole toddler sleep regression thing. So she wakes up at least twice at night while refusing to go to sleep till 2-3 hours after we put her to bed. It's insane. I don't sleep well as it is and having a toddler walking into your room at 3 am doesn't help that much.

Appetite | Normal. I figured out that all the "extra" food I am eating adds up to the extra 500 calories they tell you that you should be eating while pregnant. So I now don't feel so bad about it all! However....Thanksgiving. I was scared to step on a scale!

Missing | Family

Fun Fact | His taste buds have fully developed & his lungs are doing some important growing this week.

Best Moment of The Week | Today is V-Day. Which means viability, which means if I go into pre-term labor from this point on, doctors will do everything they can to help the baby. It's a big relief for me. I want him to fully bake but it's a relief to know that if he has other ideas, there will be help for him. 

Next Appt |  December 2! 3D ultrasound and glucose test! So excited to see little man!

Previous Weeks: 

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