Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bumpin' It Up|| Week 20

So...technically my turn date is on Saturday...BUT we were a bunch o sickos yesterday and I was covered in snot--does not a pretty picture make. I am doing the bumpdate today instead, snot free. :D 
Next week will hopefully be on a Saturday. 

Cardigan: Old Navy // Shirt: Gifted; Like // Maternity Jeans: Oh, Baby! by Motherhood // Earrings: Forever 21: Like  

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender | BOY!

Name | It's a secret! We have two names picked and we want to see him before we name him to see which one fits him better.

Size | 10.5 ounces is what the little email update tells me, I happen to know our little dude is probably bigger than that because he was almost 10 ounces at our gender scan two weeks ago. Anywho, this week he is the length of a banana! I always love the little fruit/vegetable comparisons.

Feeling Pretty good! Outside of random morning sickness last week, I feel like I am returning to normal, well as normal as one can when growing a human. He also is sitting pretty low so I am constantly thinking he is going to fall out.

Hormones | Geesh am I moody this week! I can snap quickly! Luckily, I am quick at apologizing when it does happen. I have noticed though that my snowflake feelings are even more delicate right now, which means more tears and tender feelings.

Workouts Walking around the neighborhood, chasing my child, cleaning my house and I need to get something to tone up these arms.

Weight | +8lbs. I feel like I have gained waaay more than that. I am trying really hard to keep this pregnancy's weight gain under control.

Body | The belly is hard and round these days. My boobs are massive and have already started to leak. 

Clothing | I can no longer wear about half of my shirts without a long undershirt with them and I have been in maternity jeans since about week 12. 
Sleep | I have some crazy pregnancy insomnia with this pregnancy so I don't go to sleep until 1:30-2:30am, then Daniel wakes up at 4, Gracie wakes up at 7:30. So I don't get a whole lot of sleep these days. Plus, little dude is a night owl so at around 11:30 ish every night he starts a dance party. I actually like that he starts moving at night so I don't miss it during the craziness of the day. It's him and me time :) 

Appetite | My appetite has definitely gone back to semi-normal. I want a little bit more of a portion for dinner than usual but that's it.

Nursery | His room is currently the toy room, sooooo....we need to move Gracie's toys and books into her room, box up the rest, and start figuring out his room plan. I have an idea of how I want to do it, but it's just doing it at this point. 

Missing | Sleep and sushi. Mmmmm...suuussshhhiiii....

Fun Fact | Did You Know: That women's brains actually shrink during pregnancy and can take up to six months post-partum to go back to their normal size? Pregnancy brain is real ya'll!

Best Moment of The Week | Being able to see him bouncing around from the outside.

Next Apt. November 11th. 


  1. Woohoo for half way! Love that cardigan!

  2. I am with all the other commenters here... You look amazing! Can't wait for more updates like these!


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