Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bumpin it Up || Week 21

Dress: // Isabella Oliver // Bracelet: PinkBlush // Earrings: Forever 21 

Kind of in lust with THIS bracelet.

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender BOY!

Name | It's a secret! We have two names picked and we want to see him before we name him to see which one fits him better.

Size | Three quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long, about the length of a carrot!

Feeling | My paranoia has been at an all time high so I am constantly waking him up to make him move. I did that a lot with Gracie too. I just get scared and it's nice to have immediate reassurance instead of running to an ER. Seriously, I need to get a heart doppler thing. Though that may make the paranoia worse...

Hormones | I am doing fairly normal, I think. Grace and I have been sick for a week so I think maybe that's canceling out some of the pregnancy crazy. I just don't have the energy to cry over puppies right now.

Workouts | Well, we walked around in Atlanta this weekend and we deep cleaned our entire house before my in-laws got here...but other than that--nodda. Unfortunately, I have this weird thing where I pass out if I am standing for too long. No worries, talking to the doctor about it at my appointment on Tuesday. 

Weight | +12lbs. I feel maassssivvvveee. HOWEVER I am taking solace that at least 4 of those pounds are definitely in my boobs. Went from a C cup to an E cup. Which scares me because I was an E cup when my milk came in with Gracie. WHAT SIZE ARE THEY GOING TO BE WHEN MY MILK COMES IN.....F??!? Do they make F?!?!? 

Body | Everything looks pretty normal, the belly is getting bigger and so are the boobs. My ankles get a little swollen sometimes, but nothing a good foot massage won't cure. My back has been achy but not nearly as bad as the crazy pelvic pain that has been going on. Question #2 for the doc on Tuesday. 

Clothing | I am still able to wear some of my shirts, but that number is starting to dwindle. Good thing I have pregnancy clothes from Gracie's pregnancy and I also have been adding new pieces into my wardrobe thanks to my unhealthy obsession with PinkBlush
Sleep | I don't sleep well, unfortunately. But my body is kind of adjusting to it and I will just take a mid-day nap and I am ok, but holy crap I need that nap. Days I don't get that nap I feel like a literal zombie. 

Appetite | It's decreasing. Morning sickness has come back and I am just not feeling good enough to eat a lot of food. However, the crazy FEED ME NOW in the middle of the night is still happening.

Nursery | His room is still the playroom and will probably will stay that way till after Christmas. We did go through everything though and take note of what we need to get, so we have a game plan. 

Missing | Sleep, sleep and more sleep. 

Fun Fact | The baby has eyebrows now! :D 

Best Moment of The Week | Hearing how excited my in-laws are for the baby and seeing how much they love Gracie. We are blessed with those two, for sure.

Next Apt. November 11th.

Previous Weeks: Week 20.

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  1. Yep, I used to freak out and make JaiseAnn move ALL THE TIME! Personal question... Did your boobs return to their original size after you were done nursing Gracie? I was very comfortable with my boobs before having JaiseAnn, I do not like how big they are right now. Though Zach does ;)


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