Friday, November 28, 2014

Hi-Five For Friday!

Happy Friday Ya'll! 

First I want to say that this is the first time in...forever...that I have posted every weekday. I wanted to try it out to see if it was truly doable for me or if I really wanted to scale it back to four posts a week instead of 6.  I am still deciding on what I want to do, but it was a good trial run and I liked having something on my blog everyday!

1// Daniel gets the day off today and we were gonna go baby shopping but then I realized it's Friday. Black Friday. OH HECK NO. I once went to Black Friday and got elbowed in the face over a Barbie Jeep. That was it for me. I loathe Black Friday. So today we are just gonna eat left overs, maybe clean up the house a bit, and relax.

2// We are decorating the house for Christmas soon and I am pretty darn excited about it! Daniel has a strict rule that Christmas doesn't go up till December 1st, but I am hoping I can convince him to put it up tomorrow! Christmas is my very favorite holiday and this is the first year we aren't going back to Utah for Christmas so I really want to fill our house with Christmas love as soon as I can.

3// We are all finally out of the flu that completely wiped us out last week. At first I felt horrible (emotionally as well as physically) because I thought it was because of our pictures we got sick, but low and behold EVERYONE WE KNOW got sick. Not that I am happy people are sick, but it sure made my conscience feel a lot better. Grace is just a complete trooper when she is sick, and I just love that even when she feels like junk she still wants to play.

4// Baby appointment is on Tuesday and holy crap am I excited! I keep day dreaming about what he looks like, I can't wait to see him again :)

5// ****Gracie is officially 2 1/2 years old!**** I can't even fathom that one. 2 1/2?!?! 2 1/2??!? My kid is basically going to college, guys.

She is so big! I can't handle it!!
I think this is maybe why the Duggars have so many kids; so they don't get depressed as badly as their kids grow up! They just add in a new baby so they can't get sad about how old their other kids are. Though, that is a dangerous cycle to get into...which is maybe why they have 19 kids. ;)

Hope you all have a happy and SAFE Friday!



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