Monday, November 10, 2014

In-Laws. In Town.

My in-laws came in to town to visit for a few days this past week and we were all pretty excited about it, but no one more than Gracie.

 I love when my in-laws come to visit, especially because we have no family around here so it's always nice to see a familiar face. I don't think anyone in this world loves their Papa the way Gracie loves hers. She asks for him all the time and wants to call him every day. It's kind of adorable. So she was pretty darn excited when we went to go pick them up from the airport.

Holy crap did they spoil her from the get go! Half of my MIL's bag was full of things for Gracie! THREE Frozen dolls, a Frozen book set, another book, some shoes, a princess nightgown, a flower with interchangeable princess is surprising to me she had room for the little amount of clothes she packed! But that's a grandmother's love for ya.

For the first day of their trip, we went to the Coca-Cola Factory. My MIL LOVES Coke, and Gracie tends to think anything in a cup is Coke (no idea why she does this, Daniel and I don't drink it, nor do we let her.) so we thought it would be a fun thing to do up in Atlanta for the day.

Gracie was kind of done as soon as we started. She was a bit of a stink the whole time but she was tired, and didn't sleep well so we kind of just tried to make the best of it. She hated that bear though, can't blame her, he was kind of creepy. 

After we went to Atlanta we hung around our house for a few days. (My bathroom got re-grouted! Those father-in-laws are good at things like that!) I was SO nervous to show them our house for some reason. We went on a cleaning rampage two days before they got here to make sure everything was in it's place. I just wanted them to like our house, I guess? At least I got a really clean house out of all that paranoia!

Anytime I am visiting in Utah or my MIL is visiting me, we always go to Chili's & then get a pedicure. It's our thing. 

We get to talk about girl things, I get to talk about the crazy things in my brain, she gets to talk about the non-crazy things in her brain. She catches me up on home life and I catch her up on our life. I love our Chili's dates and I love my mother-in-law.

The guys went shooting for a few hours the next day, so they got their guy bonding time too. 

We didn't go a lot of places, but that's just fine with an almost 2.5 year old who doesn't like being in her car seat (and a pregnant lady whose pelvis doesn't like sitting in the car for long periods of time). It allowed for Gracie to get some good quality time with her grandparents. They were blown away by how smart she is, and how she really does talk you just have to be around her to understand it sometimes. (It is kind of hard to understand Grace on Skype or the phone.) I hope they had a good time, because we sure did. 

I feel VERY fortunate to have such great in-laws who genuinely love us and want the best for us. I feel super lucky that I have a mother-in-law who isn't crazy, who loves me and loves what I bring to the family and is glad I married her son. I know so many don't have a good relationship with their MIL's and I am so glad I do. I would be up a creek with out her, for sure. 

My MIL has this thing where for all of Gracie's life she has never gone more than 3 months without seeing her. (My FIL can't travel as easily as my MIL can, but we still see him a lot) As we drove away from the airport last night Daniel was placing bets on when she'd be back again. I didn't think she'd come back before March, because she's flying out for the birth of Little Dude. Daniel was quick to tell me that was outside of her 3 month window and she'd be back before then. Low and behold, my mother in law calls me when they land at their connection and proceeds to tell me she will see us sometime in January, right inside her 3 month window. This lady kills me, and I love her and her love for my kids. 

Is it January yet? 



  1. I LOVE the three month thing...those are lucky granddkids--getting to see their grandma so often. You already know I totally admire your relationship with your in-laws. AND they do not look like grandparents at all.

  2. I love that you guys have a little girl's day tradition together!! That's fun!


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