Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I finally took the time to go through my Facebook pictures and delete a LOT of them. Okay yall...was I the only crazy person to post a million pictures of my child in their first year of life? There were a ton of them that were almost exactly the same! Oh man, hopefully I can reel it in with little dude.

While I was wondering why no one stopped the crazy, I noticed something...Gracie looks nothing how she used to.

This is from Gracie's newborn shoot (that was actually taken at 3 weeks, but I digress).

Isn't she cute and chunky?

This is a picture from Gracie's 1st year pictures. 

And this is a picture form Gracie's 2nd year pictures. 

Sooo am I the only person who thinks she looks like a different kid in each one? I don't think she looks anything like she did as a baby. It's nuts. I go through some of her baby pictures and I will see one or two that look like her now, but a LOT of them don't. Even Daniel made a comment about it the other day. This all makes me anxious to see how different she will look in her 3 year pictures.

This is what she looked like a few days ago.


Maybe I wasn't so crazy to take so many pictures...



  1. Oh my goodness... It's true. Take all the pictures you can... I honestly can't believe how much she's already changed from her two year pictures! Aaah... I'm already so aware that time flies but this makes my heart ache even a little more. Cuuuute pictures, though!

  2. You're right, quite a bit different in each one, but adorable in all!


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