Monday, November 17, 2014

My Favorite Bloggers

I decided to start the week with a positive attitude and give a BIG shout out to the bloggers I love most.

I tried to keep it to three, and these three bloggers I read every day, I comment on almost every day (which means they post almost every day) and I constantly tell others to read them as well. I hope you guys take a second to check them out and fall in love with them, too!


Blurb: I actually know Jana in real life so I think this might be a little biased. She has made the cake (Or in our case, cupcakes) for every big event in our family: our wedding and both of Gracie's birthdays. We went to college together and were in the Honors department together as well. She really is as sweet as you think she is, trust me on that one.

What I like about Jana's blog: is that there is a lot of variety to it. There are fashion posts that are realistic for a mom's budget but still adorable, amazing recipes that will make your mouth water, good tips for your blog, and real posts about real life. I feel like I get everything I want out of blogland from Jana's blog. What more could you want?!

Special note: She is an AMAZING blog designer! See this blog design? She totally did it. The best person to work with and definitely worth your $$$. She is reasonably priced and will work with you till the very end (and then some!) to make sure it's exactly what you want. I am in deep love with this design and don't plan changing it for awhile. Make sure you check her out when you go shopping for a new blog design. 


Blurb: Sam immediately befriended me. Even though she is a "popular blogger" she made time for me. I sent her an email telling her how much I appreciated her blog and we've been friends ever since. She is a super sweet and very real girl. Which is the #1 thing I love about her.

What I like about Sam's blog: I am not sure how I found Sam's blog. I am almost positive it was recommended to me by a fellow military mom. (Sam's blog used to be called Hooah and Hiccups.) She started writing her blog when her husband was on his first deployment and she was pregnant with their first kiddo. Talk. About. Difficult. But she's a strong lady and as she is going through her husbands second deployment and with two kiddos now--I am amazed at her strength and ability to look at almost any situation with humor. You don't get any more real than Sam. She lays it on the line as it is. I think that is a VERY rare quality in blog land and it's why she is one of my favorite bloggers and by FAR my favorite military blogger. She's a fierce momma (with hilarious stories) and a great lady. Her and her blog have a LOT to offer, take a look and you'll see what I am talking about.

Special Note: Like I said, her husband is deployed--so send her a message of encouragement and go write a deployed soldier!!! Sam always has awesome ideas for quick & affordable gifts for our men and women in uniform. Take the time and send your gratitude overseas!

Blurb: Maegen's blog is a fairly new blog to me. I noticed Jana followed her and retweeted her links a lot, so I eventually wound up on her blog and was hooked instantly. She is also sugary sweet as you will see when you comment on her blog and she replies to you (More bloggers should do that by the way, all three on my list do.)

What I like about Maegen's blog:   Home girl has style and it's all affordable. Not that I don't LOVE blogs that aren't so affordable, but I like looking at a fashion and knowing I can afford to go get it if I love it enough. She has her own boutique (The Modern Tulip) which explains a lot of her cute attire. Now that she's pregnant, I love her posts even more because she is such a fashionable pregnant lady! She seems to go about life with gratitude and grace in God. I always feel light and fluffy after reading her blog and I have a feeling that is kind of just who Maegen is. She isn't afraid to keep it real, but she always has a lesson learned or a funny way of telling the story. I just want to bake her cookies and drink hot cocoa in front of the fire with her. Weird? I guess so--but I challenge you to read her blog for awhile and not feel the same.

Special Note: As I mentioned, she's pregnant! She's due a week or so ahead of me and we are both having BOYS! WOOHOOO. If you're a preggers lady who needs a little outfit inspo--check her out. I always feel inspired to wear more than yoga pants after I read her blog.

I sincerely love each of these blogs and I really hope you will too! Let me know if you fall in love with them like I did! What are some of your favorite blogs? I am ALWAYS on the search for new bloggers to like!



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