Monday, December 1, 2014


This kid is 2.5 years old and boy she won't let you forget that. 

Gracie is the quintessential two year old. She is inquisitive, she is bossy, she is sappy sweet, she can throw a fit super quick and switch back to her sweet self in a blink.

She has such an amazing personality and is so full of life and joy. She'll be the first one to give you a smile and a big hug. Gracie hugs are the best hugs you can ever get in your life. She wraps her hands around your neck, pats your back with her loose fingers and squeezes tight.

When she is feeling super silly, she will grab your face and kiss you for a few seconds; in comparison with her usual quick peck and run aways.

She knows how to pray and loves to do it. If we to put her to sleep without saying them, she always reminds us in her tiny voice "pwayas?!" She loves to read her scriptures and when asked if she loves Jesus she is sure to tell us "Oh, I do love Jesus!" The tender moments we share with her at night before bed are some of my most precious ones. In my patriarchal blessing it says (paraphrasing) that I will be responsible for my children's relationship with Jesus & the gospel. I am so grateful that Gracie already has such an amazing relationship with her Savior, that I really don't need to do much to have that relationship blossom.

She is whip smart and can count to 20. It's not just naming the numbers either, the girl will count anything you give her. She knows all of her ABC's and will sing you the song. She knows each sound that goes along which each letter and when you ask her what letter is what, she will always tell you sound it makes too. She recognizes numbers in unconventional forms, such as numbers on dice. The first time she saw the three dots on a set of dice, she exclaimed THREE! She can read certain words that we have worked on her with and has begun to start writing letters.

Her speech has gotten so much better and I am so grateful for that. I have loved hearing her cute voice each morning telling me hello and each night telling me she loves me. Hearing your kiddo telling you that they love you...the best sentence you will ever hear in your life. But that voice can be raised in an unholy stink as well! She is a big fan of saying "No! Stop it!" or telling us exactly what she wants from us. She is very demanding, this one. It's a trial to redirect that and remind her to use her manners that she conveniently forgets she has.

The kid loves princesses, which is hilarious because her only princess stuff she had for the longest time was the Little People princess dolls. But she learned all of their names and we are slowly watching all of their movies. Her favorites are Ariel, Anna & Elsa, and Rapunzel but I am sure that will change as time goes on.

She loves music and responds the best to it. It's how we have taught her a lot of the things she knows and she always asks to be sung to before she goes to sleep. Right now her "goodnight song" is "Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins.

She loves playing with her daddy when he comes home and I love watching them play. Their relationship is such a blessing to me, Daniel truly is the best dad and I can't wait to see him with two.

But Gracie will always be my first baby. The baby girl who made me a mom. She taught me everything I know and I literally could not have picked a better kid to train me.

She has been the biggest blessing in our lives and I am 100% sure Daniel would agree with that. Soon, she won't be the only blessing in our lives and I want to make sure she always knows that she is still very much a blessing and that she means so very much to her Dad and I (and to her little brother!) She is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful personality.

She is amazing, just maybe not when she is throwing herself all over the floor because the water I gave her was cold or because her Anna shirt is dirty. ;)

I love you Gracie,



  1. As a teacher with extra training in math (specifically math reform) it is AWESOME that Gracie can recognize numbers in different forms! Did you do something specifically to help foster that? I love reading about helps replace the heartache of JaiseAnn growing so fast with anticipation and excitement about the future! Although, I am dreading tantrum throwing days. :)

  2. I'm friends with Amberly and a new follower of Sharlee's blog--I stopped by here today and want to tell you your blog is beautiful! What a sweet little girl and darling pictures!


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