Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Somewhat Disappointing Appointment

Yesterday was my 3D ultrasound and I know 3D ultrasounds can be pretty creepy but I just think they are awesome. Even though some people say their kiddos didn't come out looking like their 3D ultrasounds--Gracie came out looking exactly like what her 3D ultrasound said she looked like. So we had a good experience and gosh dang it I just wanted to see him. (Now, I know that the 3D isn't to see what your kid looks like, it's so you can see an in depth view of your babies body to make sure everything is growing where and how it should. It most commonly accompanies a growth scan.)

This little stinker kept his hands by his face the WHOLE TIME. He put his face inward and wouldn't move. So we didn't get to see his face. The ones we tried to get of him freak me out because his face in tissue and with his hand right there--it's distorted and a little scary.

We got a few good 2D ones though:

This is a picture of his face. Looking out at you so you see his eyes, nose and cheeks. You can also
see a little smirk, which the ultrasound tech got a kick out of because he was being so difficult. You can also see the ever present hands by his face.

We wanted to take Grace to this appointment because he really did look like a little baby and we thought it would be fun for her to see the little guy who is in mommy's belly. She really did enjoy it! She could see that he was a baby on the 2D, and was saying "My brother!" My brother! Look, a baby! It's a baby! Hi baby!" I loved seeing that reaction.

We will try again at my next appointment to get a good 3D ultrasound, and next time he will have more fat on him anyway. I have to have a growth ultrasound done at every appointment so I will always have the opportunity to sneak a peak. I am trying to keep that in mind, I just got so disappointed! I had been looking forward to seeing him!

Oh well, I really should have known better, Gracie did the saaaaaaaame thing. Birds of a feather I suppose.

BUT THE BEST NEWS EVER IS: He is totally healthy. His heart looks great and was beating strong at 154 bpm. He weighs 1 lb 12 oz, so he is about 3 weeks ahead on size, however a good portion of that is because his head is in the 90%. I have big headed babies--what can I say?  I am so glad that he is doing so well in there! It makes me feel better that even though I didn't get to see his sweet face, I know he is growing how he should and is doing so well.

Can't wait to hear his sweat heartbeat again and be able to take a sneak peak!

Man, I just can't wait for March when I can cuddle his little self anytime I want!



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  2. Although you quite can't see it it's still beautiful.

  3. I think the 3D ones are a little weird too. They make the babies look like clay, like they're not smooth hahaha. I'm sorry it didn't go the way you wanted, but I'm glad you and the baby are healthy!

  4. Not seeing his face just makes meeting him all that much better ;-)


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