Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bumpin' It Up || Week 25

Tunic: PinkBlush // Leggings: Charlotte Russe  // Shoes: Gifted like
25 Weeks ||

Due Date | March 21st, 2015

Gender BOY!

Name | We have two names picked, now we just have to decide! But we aren't announcing it till he is born ;)

Size | As of Tuesday he weighs 1 lb 12 oz (though by now I am sure he weighs more), which is about 3 weeks ahead and his head is in the 90th percentile. Little Dude has a big noggin! What can I say? I like big headed babes.

Feeling Pretty awesome, to be honest! I have had random issues here and there like nausea, feet swelling and back pain but for the most part I have felt so good! I can tell I am starting to slide into the "good" part of pregnancy!

Hormones | I am a bit short of patience these days but that's it!

Workouts I go on a walk almost every day that is 1.5 miles long and I chase Grace around. I am looking up new exercises I can do during nap time too. 

Weight | +19 lbs

Body | Just general pregnancy aches and pains: feet swelling, back ache, RLP. 

Clothing | I got my first shipments of my PinkBlush haul I got during their killer Black Friday deals and I am PRETTY DARN excited about it! I am still waiting on three more packages but I am just so grateful! Watching yourself get bigger is really hard and when your clothes don't fit anymore it does some crazy stuff to your already nuts hormones. Already I can feel my self esteem rising! 
Sleep | Still eludes me.

Appetite | I'd say pretty normal. I am still hungry no matter what I eat so I just set up meals to nourish me and the babe and ignore the left over hungry feeling.

Nursery | We decided we aren't doing anything with his room till after Christmas. I am on the lookout for a dresser though. 

Missing | Family in Utah

Fun Fact | The baby is growing hair this week and if I could see it I would be able to tell the color and texture. I think Gracie must have skipped this week of growing because that little girl came out bald. I wonder if this little guy will too

Best Moment of The Week | Grace was reevaluated on Thursday for her speech delay. When we started this she was 6 months behind, today she is exactly where she needs to be and she is ahead in speaking expression! There are even aspects of her speech comprehension that are on par with a 4 year old!!!!! I am so proud of this little girl!!!! For doing so amazing these last six months she got to pick a new toy out:

She took her time picking out that Barbie, it was rather hilarious.
We don't know if we will continue with speech therapy. I worry about regression, especially when Little Dude comes. But for now, we are so grateful for the immense blessing of having therapy available to us and having an amazing therapist who truly cares about Grace and her progress. So blessed!!!

Next Appointment | December 23 (which is actually our anniversary) for another growth scan & regular check up (and another crack at the 3D) 

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  1. Where have I been?! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!

  2. You look stinking amazing. Good for you for continuing to exercise and be healthy during your pregnancy. and DANG Gracie is so much bigger!


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