Monday, December 29, 2014

Come Fly With Me

For the longest time I was pretty against having any kind of "theme" for little dude's nursery. I didn't do a theme for Gracie's room because I want things to be interchangeable as she gets older. I also wanted to be able to use what the room already gave us as far as color went. Painting Gracie's room, and the vinyl was insane and it completely wore me out. Her room STILL isn't done because *ugh*.

However, I came across a theme I could do with the colors in his room (taupey-beige and white) and incorporating the crib color (dark brown).  This theme is primarily just decor and nothing specific. It can all be changed out and I don't plan to spend more than maybe $100 doing it all. I have to set a budget for his room because I didn't with Gracie and holy crap it's been expensive so far and like I said, far from finished.

As far as colors go we are doing bits of brown throughout the room and I am going to get a brown glider to tie in the crib. Then we are painting the wall the crib is going against a deep navy. The taupey-beige and white are already in the room and we are leaving it that way. One wall = easy. We will do touch ups on the existing paint but that's IT. 

I decided on airplanes, because Air Force--Airplanes?! Haha, I liked it. PLUS it's an easy theme to do on not a lot of money and I know that Hobby Lobby has everything I need.
1. I loved these little hooks, but I don't think I will be adding them in the room, we will see though.
2. I loved the propeller over the crib. That would probably eat most of my budget though so unless I can find one cheap, we shall see. I also love the idea of putting little dude's name over the propeller.
3. There is a white armoire that will go from Gracie's room to Little Dudes and it needs new drawer pulls anyway, why not add cute little planes?
4. I KNOW I am going to put at least one plane on the wall. I am going to do a four square gallery wall. Two prints of airplanes like in #8, and then one airplane in one corner and something else in the other corner.
5. I LOVE this print for a crib sheet but it's $45!!! FOR ONE SHEET. So I am going to look up how to make it and see if I can save a few $$. If it's too hard I will just have a plane colored sheet and use this fabric for pillows on the glider or as a throw blanket or teething guard. Depends entirely if I can find good fabric.
6. This would be SO cheap and EASY! Holy man. Three canvases, one map, and a thing of modge podge! That's it! How easy is that?! And such a big impact and brings in a lot of color! I love it. Definitely doing this.
7. This could be done SO on the cheap! Just get the big box letters from Michael's or Hobby Lobby and paint them with metallic paint. EASY and a BIG effect. Perfect.
8. I love the colored prints. I debated between these and the prints that look like blueprints. But I like adding more color into the room so it's not just the main four. It's also SUPER cheap to do.
9. I saw these little planes on and really, that's where I got the inspiration for all of this. I fell in love with the planes! They are so tiny and delicate. Perfect! Plus they are $6 at Target. WIN. Full of win.

In the end, outside of the propeller, I can add such a big impact in this room for not a lot of money or effort. Considering all of this will be done at the end of my pregnancy (and mostly by Daniel) that's how we like it!

I also think it will be fun to document all the things I DIY for the room but we will see. I don't want to get ahead of myself like I did with Gracie's room.

What do you guys think!?




  1. I am in LOVE with the maps on the canvases! I might be stealing that idea for Justin's office :)

  2. So cute! And crib sheets are very easy to make!

  3. I'm thinking of gifting JaiseAnn a bedroom "upgrade" for her birthday next year but cost is a concern. I love how you did this! Also, I LOVE this theme! Can't wait to see it all come together!


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